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How To Spell breath?

Correct spelling: breath

List of misspellings for breath:

  • treath,
  • benieath,
  • neropathy,
  • berath,
  • bretah,
  • rbath,
  • berother,
  • beneith,
  • ureatha,
  • breater,
  • bringth,
  • brethen,
  • beaqueth,
  • laybrith,
  • beneeth,
  • brigth,
  • brepar,
  • rebith,
  • brieth,
  • beanth,
  • braths,
  • breau,
  • breat,
  • beith,
  • breaif,
  • reath,
  • bearth,
  • breathig,
  • brethrin,
  • brealy,
  • arethe,
  • brothe,
  • vibreath,
  • derath,
  • deepbreath,
  • beath,
  • breakthru,
  • greath,
  • brear,
  • bvath,
  • brothor,
  • bretha,
  • bareth,
  • jareth,
  • threath,
  • brothar,
  • bristh,
  • burearu,
  • bitrth,
  • breate,
  • breathren,
  • breakthough,
  • beathe,
  • breathily,
  • breeth,
  • nuropathy,
  • bequith,
  • vreath,
  • breatch,
  • breazy,
  • breethe,
  • breith,
  • breth,
  • bruth,
  • beneatha,
  • brotha,
  • debreather,
  • bureeau,
  • breaht,
  • breathin,
  • braeth,
  • breathre,
  • breakthrue,
  • beaneath,
  • breathrough,
  • breathign,
  • benathe,
  • erath,
  • birith,
  • beforethe,
  • rearth,
  • brethe,
  • beeneth,
  • braeath,
  • birrth,
  • breeath,
  • benneath,
  • breathd,
  • brathe,
  • berach,
  • breathern,
  • breathen,
  • brreath,
  • bnath,
  • beauthy,
  • benth,
  • reith,
  • brith,
  • brera,
  • sobrieth.

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A Sharp Intake of Breath


British sitcom

A Sharp Intake of Breath is a British sitcom starring David Jason, Jacqueline Clarke, Richard Wilson and Alun Armstrong which ran from 1977 to 1981. It was made for the ITV network by ATV and recorded at their Elstree Studios. The opening titles featured cartoons by Mel Calman. Jason played an everyman character called Peter Barnes and Jacqueline Clarke played his wife Sheila.

Breath from Another


Studio album by Esthero

Breath from Another is the debut studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Esthero. The album was released on April 28, 1998 and now generally considered a trip hop classic despite poor sales.

Breath Rhyme


Album by Rob Brown Trio

Breath Rhyme is an album by American jazz saxophonist Rob Brown recorded in 1989 and released on the Swedish Silkheart label.

Take a Deep Breath


2004 film

Take a Deep Breath is a 2004 Serbian film, directed by Dragan Marinković and written by Hajdana Baletić. This drama was promoted as the "first Serbian LGBT feature film", even though the writer herself stresses that it is more about the generation gap in the modern family.

The Breath of Life


Rock band

The Breath of Life is a dark wave, ethereal wave and gothic rock band from Belgium. "I guess you can say that The Breath of Life are an institution in the Belgian Goth scene.

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Quotes for breath:

  1. Worldly fame is but a breath of wind that blows now this way, and now that, and changes name as it changes direction.
  2. What childishness is it that while there's breath of life in our bodies, we are determined to rush to see the sun the other way around?
  3. All good writing is swimming under water and holding your breath.
  4. For death begins with life's first breath And life begins at touch of death.
  5. God is ever present. He's in every breath, in every step. He's here, always, always.

Rhymes for breath:

  1. sneath, leth, meth, neth, seth, sheth, heth, beth, death, breth, peth;
  2. macbeth;
  3. marybeth;

Translations for breath:

Arabic word for Breath


Bengali word for Breath


Chinese words for Breath

呼吸, 呼气, 息, 鼻息, 气流.

French words for Breath

souffle, bouffée, respiration, aire, haleine.

German words for Breath

Hauch, Luft, Inspiration, Atem, Atemzug, Puste, Atemluft, Odem, Schnaufer.

Greek word for Breath


Italian word for Breath


Javanese words for Breath

Asem, Ambegan.

Korean word for Breath


Malay word for Breath


Marathi word for Breath


Norwegian word for Breath


Polish word for Breath


Portuguese words for Breath

sopro, respiração, hálito, lufada, alento.

Romanian word for Breath


Russian word for Breath


Spanish words for Breath

soplo, aliento, respiración, respiro, vaho, bocanada, hálito, resuello.

Swedish word for Breath


Tamil word for Breath


Turkish word for Breath


Ukrainian word for Breath


Vietnamese word for Breath

hơi thở.