How To Spell breed?

Correct spelling: breed

What is the definition of breed?

  1. a lineage or race of people

What does the abbreviation breed mean?


Breed as a boy's name. Uncertain origin. Possibly an occupational name to do with animal breeding. Also possibly refers to Saint Brigid, also known as Bride, the Irish abbess.

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What are the rhymes for breed?

  1. rasheed, meade, greed, fede, swede, snead, sneed, tweed, secede, indeed, saeed, screed, creed, heed, need, seed, he'd, mead, keyed, teed, bead, plead, leed, proceed, reed, lipide, read, misread, freed, waleed, stampede, succeed, precede, shaheed, kneed, hamid, ede, walid, weed, brede, friede, rashid, recede, reid, misdeed, we'd, skied, reread, she'd, steed, feed, nead, bleed, speed, cede, wied, impede, lead, deed, dede, knead, fried, supersede, bede, reseed, mislead;
  2. gilead, accede, exceed, concede, degreed, decreed, agreed, elide;
  3. overfeed, guaranteed, aristide, intercede, disagreed;

What are the translations for breed?

Afrikaans word for Breed


Arabic word for Breed


Bengali word for Breed


Chinese words for Breed

繁殖, 孳生, 繁育, 配种, 育种, 品种.

Dutch words for Breed

soort, ras, zich voortplanten.

French words for Breed

race, se reproduire, rasé.

German words for Breed

Schlag, erzeugen, Zucht, Art, Sorte, originär, Rasse, Menschenschlag, züchten, brüten, sich fortpflanzen, sich vermehren, Nachzucht.

Greek word for Breed


Italian word for Breed


Japanese word for Breed


Javanese word for Breed


Korean word for Breed


Marathi word for Breed


Polish word for Breed


Portuguese words for Breed

produzir, desenvolver, raça, procriar, gerar, reproduzir, reproduzir-se.

Romanian words for Breed

rază, rasă.

Russian words for Breed

порождать, размножаться, выращивать, рожать, порода, плодиться, приплод, выводок.

Spanish words for Breed

variedad, sembrar, producir, criar, concebir, clase, crear, cruzar, especie, generar, raza, casta, generación, reproducirse, cultivar, engendrar, chocar, diseminar, procrear, estirpe, multiplicarse, progenie, linaje, tener hijos, preñar, aparejarse, gestar, inspirar, proliferar, aparearse.

Swedish word for Breed


Turkish word for Breed


Ukrainian word for Breed


Vietnamese word for Breed