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How To Spell breeze?

Correct spelling: breeze

Definition of breeze:

  1. A stinging fly, the gad-fly.
  2. A wind, a movement of air.

List of misspellings for breeze:

  • greezy,
  • nreeze,
  • vreeze,
  • breeae,
  • breezey,
  • beize,
  • brreif,
  • bre3ze,
  • benze,
  • breexe,
  • breese,
  • brezy,
  • brezee,
  • breeay,
  • breze,
  • beeze,
  • b5eeze,
  • bruzzi,
  • b4eeze,
  • greeze,
  • brezze,
  • becouze,
  • breeeze,
  • bracele,
  • bfeeze,
  • bureeau,
  • baba au rhuj,
  • br4eze,
  • freeeze,
  • brefie,
  • breaze,
  • brewze,
  • bresze,
  • breazy,
  • baba au rhuk,
  • berore,
  • breezyway,
  • breezway,
  • bardeez,
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  • brulee,
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  • hreeze,
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  • becauze,
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  • breazes.

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Rhymes for breeze:

  1. friese, neese, cees, gies, deas, preis, seize, reis, lees, ease, sees, deis, glees, threes, keas, these, knees, dees, frees, saez, freeze, rees, neis, sprees, mees, sies, kees, z's, peas, please, feese, trees, tees, hees, geez, frieze, wheeze, flees, pleas, teas, skis, breese, she's, keys, sneeze, beas, leas, mease, fees, bes, bees, liese, vees, meis, crees, nees, fleas, jeez, reas, pease, cheese, squeeze, tease, sleaze, seas, neas, keyes;
  2. draftees, reprise, burmese, maltese, pawnees, aziz, andries, decrees, ortiz, appease, agrees, foresees, chemise, scorsese, louise, jaycees, trapeze, unease, belize, lessees, trustees, rupees, displease, cds, degrees, chinese, disease, trainees, cadiz;
  3. siamese, annamese, balinese, taiwanese, honorees, enrollees, disagrees, appointees, guarantees, sinhalese, journalese, expertise, javanese, licensees, internees, enlistees, conferees, designees, cantonese, inductees, amputees, ccs, japanese, timorese, nepalese, franchisees, detainees, overseas, retirees, sudanese, guaranties, returnees, nominees, absentees, escapees, referees, devotees;
  4. stds, abts, indochinese, interviewees;

Translations for breeze:

Afrikaans word for Breeze


Arabic word for Breeze


Bengali word for Breeze

মৃদুমন্দ বাতাস.

Chinese word for Breeze


Dutch words for Breeze

bries, makkie, windje.

French words for Breeze

vent, bris.

German words for Breeze

Luftzug, Wehen, flitzen, Streit, Hauch, schweben, Krach, sausen, Wind, Spaziergang, Brise, Kinderspiel, Lüftchen, Windhauch.

Italian word for Breeze


Japanese word for Breeze


Korean word for Breeze


Malay word for Breeze


Marathi word for Breeze


Polish words for Breeze

bryza, wiaterek.

Romanian word for Breeze


Russian words for Breeze

бриз, ветерок, лёгкий ветерок, угольная пыль.

Spanish words for Breeze

soplo, brisa.

Tamil word for Breeze


Turkish word for Breeze


Ukrainian word for Breeze


Vietnamese word for Breeze

gió nhẹ.