How To Spell brilliant?

Correct spelling: brilliant

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What is the definition of brilliant?

  1. having striking color; "bright greens"; "brilliant tapestries"; "a bird with vivid plumage"

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What are the rhymes for brilliant?

  1. resilient;

What are the translations for brilliant?

Afrikaans word for Brilliant


Arabic word for Brilliant


Bengali word for Brilliant


Chinese word for Brilliant


Dutch words for Brilliant

geweldig, briljant, schitterend, geniaal, stralend.

French words for Brilliant

remarquable, excellent, fantastique, formidable, grandiose, exceptionnel, fabuleux, somptueux, lumineux, merveilleux, resplendissant, splendide, class=´var´>brilliant cut.

German words for Brilliant

toll, super, intelligent, hervorragend, Klasse, leuchtend, brillant, genial, strahlend, blendend, glanzvoll, fulminant, voller Glanz, spitzenmäßig, geistvoll, bravurös, superklug, bravourös.

Greek word for Brilliant


Hindi word for Brilliant


Japanese words for Brilliant

ブリリアント, 華やか, 色鮮やか, 粲然, えきえき, 目覚ましい, 晃々, 花やか, 灼た, さん, あざやか, あっぱれ, 赫奕, 遖, 目ざましい, めのさめるよう, 光彩陸離, えいめい, 鮮か, あらた, かくやく, こうきある, かくえき, 奕奕, 耀かしい, 天晴, さんぜん, 晃晃, 煌々, 嚇々, 目も綾, 花花しい, 色鮮か, 粲々, いろあざやか, 天晴れ, 粲爛, 燦, めもあや, けんらん.

Korean word for Brilliant


Marathi word for Brilliant


Norwegian words for Brilliant

brilliancy, strålende.

Polish word for Brilliant


Portuguese words for Brilliant

extraordinário, brilhante, radiante.

Romanian word for Brilliant


Russian words for Brilliant

блестящий, гениальный, выдающийся, сияющий, бриллиантовый.

Spanish words for Brilliant

excelente, inteligente, estupendo, brillante, vivo, luminoso, fenomenal, resplandeciente, fabuloso.

Tamil word for Brilliant


Ukrainian word for Brilliant


Vietnamese word for Brilliant

rất thông minh.