How To Spell bring?

Correct spelling: bring

What is the definition of bring?

  1. bring into a different state; "this may land you in jail"

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What are the rhymes for bring?

  1. king, dring, spring, jing, wing, sting, ying, singh, ting, ping, ling, fling, lyng, zing, thing, ing, sling, ching, string, ding, sing, ng, qing, ging, ming, xing, wring, cling, ring, bing, swing;
  2. beijing, peking, unring, chongqing, upswing;

What are the translations for bring?

Afrikaans word for Bring


Arabic word for Bring

يَجيء بِ.

Chinese words for Bring

带给, 拿来, 使某人处于某种情况或境地.

Dutch words for Bring

meenemen, brengen, aanvoeren, opleveren, meebrengen.

French words for Bring

provoquer, susciter, apporter, rassembler, engendrer, causer, emmener, amener, occasionner.

German words for Bring

mitbringen, einreichen, Formular, bringen, einbringen, bewirken, erheben, anbringen, erbringen, herbringen, herbeibringen, herantragen.

Greek word for Bring


Hindi word for Bring


Italian word for Bring


Japanese word for Bring


Korean word for Bring


Marathi word for Bring


Norwegian word for Bring

ta med.

Portuguese words for Bring

levar, conduzir, trazer.

Romanian word for Bring

a aduce.

Spanish words for Bring

hacer, dar, aportar, producir, provocar, proporcionar, llevar, criar, buscar, influenciar, crear, traer, brindar, causar, entablar, ocasionar, Briner.

Swedish word for Bring


Ukrainian word for Bring


Vietnamese word for Bring

mang lại.