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How To Spell brush?

Correct spelling: brush

List of misspellings for brush:

  • bush,
  • brished,
  • boush,
  • brrush,
  • brouchre,
  • brushetta,
  • broucher,
  • birtsh,
  • gibirish,
  • brushel,
  • giberish,
  • brouche,
  • trush,
  • brushin,
  • rusha,
  • beush,
  • bruhaha,
  • beusch,
  • browish,
  • brochu,
  • mbrship,
  • broch,
  • bruch,
  • brouth,
  • prush,
  • bruchac,
  • berish,
  • abrosia,
  • brich,
  • brsh,
  • bullrush,
  • bursh,
  • rubish,
  • gresh,
  • brouchur,
  • aibrush,
  • arashi,
  • borugh,
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  • burough,
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  • briish,
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What does the abbreviation brush mean?

Related words for brush

Black-headed brush finch


The black-headed brush finch is a species of bird in the Passerellidae family. It is found in the undergrowth of humid forest, especially near edges, at altitudes of 300 to 1,200 metres in Colombia and Panama.

Brush Creek, Smith County, Tennessee


Brush Creek is an unincorporated community in Smith County, Tennessee, United States. The zipcode is: 38547.

Dorothy Hamilton Brush


Dorothy Hamilton Brush was a birth control advocate, women's rights advocate, and author. She worked with Margaret Sanger and the birth control movement and co-wrote with Walter S.

Northern brush-tailed phascogale


The northern brush-tailed phascogale is a species of marsupial in the family Dasyuridae. It is endemic to northern Australia.

Rufous-eared brush finch



The rufous-eared brush finch is a species of bird in the Passerellidae family. It is found at high altitudes in woodland and shrub in the Andes of west-central Peru. It sometimes includes the Apurimac brush finch as a subspecies. It is threatened by habitat loss.

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Examples of usage for brush:

  1. I have no doubt that he had been watching me all the time, for I heard his challenge in the brush just behind my log. – Ways of Wood Folk by William J. Long

Rhymes for brush:

  1. slush, nusz, blush, cush, mush, rush, crush, gush, thrush, flush, frush, plush, hush, lush, dush;

Translations for brush:

Afrikaans words for Brush

berus, borsel.

Arabic word for Brush


Bengali word for Brush


Dutch words for Brush

aanraken, vegen, borstelen, poetsen, borstel, kwast, penseel, stoffer, uitvegen.

French words for Brush

brosser, broussailles, balayer, brosse, pinceau, effleurement, frôler, balai, barrer, effleurer.

German words for Brush

Lunte, Streifen, fegen, kehren, Pinsel, Bürste, Unterholz, leichte Berührung, Abtastbürste, bürsten, Besen, Dickicht, Buschwerk, Strauchwerk, Schwanz des Fuchses, abbürsten, ausbürsten, durchbürsten.

Hindi word for Brush


Italian word for Brush


Japanese word for Brush


Javanese word for Brush


Korean word for Brush


Polish word for Brush


Portuguese words for Brush

varrer, escova, pincel, escovar, trincha, escovadela, broxa.

Romanian word for Brush


Spanish words for Brush

cepillo, cepillar, cepillarse, cardar, rozar, maleza, brocha, cepillado, escobilla, escobillar.

Swedish word for Brush


Tamil word for Brush


Turkish word for Brush


Ukrainian word for Brush


Vietnamese word for Brush

bàn chải.