How To Spell bud?

Correct spelling: bud

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What is the definition of bud?

  1. develop buds, of plants; "The hibiscus is budding!"

What does the abbreviation bud mean?


Bud as a boy's name is pronounced bud. It is of English origin, and the meaning of Bud is "brother". Nickname used since medieval times, and modern slang and short form for "buddy" or "brother". It can also refer to a sprouting plant or a young boy. Also possibly from Scotish Gaelic "a bhodaich", meaning "old man". Actor Buddy Ebsen; comedians Bud Abbott, and Buddy Hackett.

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What are the rhymes for bud?

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What are the translations for bud?

Arabic word for Bud


Bengali word for Bud


Chinese words for Bud

芽, 蕾, 苞, 花苞, 新芽, 嫩芽, 未然, 萌, 胚芽, 萌发, 出苗.

Dutch words for Bud

knop, kiem, kiemen, ontkiemen, ontluiken.

French words for Bud

fleurir, poussé, bouton, greffer, germer, bourgeonner, bourgeon, papille, excroissance.

German word for Bud


Greek word for Bud


Hindi word for Bud


Italian word for Bud


Japanese words for Bud

つぼみ, 莟, めぶく, 芽吹く, 蕾む, 吹出す, 芽ぶく, 莟む, つぼむ.

Korean word for Bud


Malay word for Bud


Marathi word for Bud


Polish words for Bud

pączek, pąk.

Russian word for Bud


Spanish words for Bud

colega, hermano, brote, brotar, amigo, camarada, germinar, capullo, cogollo, yema, compadre, papila, cuate, echar brotes.

Swedish words for Bud

bud, knopp.

Tamil word for Bud


Turkish word for Bud