How To Spell Bula?

Correct spelling: Bula

What does the abbreviation Bula mean?


Bula as a girl's name.
  • Byla,
  • Beula,
  • Bulah.

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What are the usage examples for Bula?

  1. The persons deceived start the tugong bula the liar's mound"- by heaping up a large number of branches in some conspicuous spot by the side of the path from one village to another. – Children of Borneo by Edwin Herbert Gomes
  2. The Dyaks consider the adding to any tugong bula they may pass a sacred duty, the omission of which will meet with supernatural punishment, and so, however pressed for time a Dyak may be, he stops to throw on the pile some small branch or twig. – Children of Borneo by Edwin Herbert Gomes
  3. A few branches, a few dry twigs and leaves- that is what the tugong bula is at first. – Children of Borneo by Edwin Herbert Gomes

What are the rhymes for Bula?

  1. beulah, rula, tula, beula, hula, eula, lula, gula, shula, ula;
  2. lemuela, tallulah, tallula, abdulla, missoula;
  3. valenzuela;