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How To Spell bull?

Correct spelling: bull

Definition of bull:

  1. a serious and ludicrous blunder; "he made a bad bull of the assignment"

List of misspellings for bull:

  • llll,
  • bolld,
  • bullit,
  • buil,
  • bulg,
  • budle,
  • burlar,
  • billi,
  • fulll,
  • full,
  • buitl,
  • bulid,
  • bural,
  • brulle,
  • bucal,
  • bally,
  • youo'll,
  • bluee,
  • beely,
  • buly,
  • bullut,
  • obiouly,
  • verbully,
  • bhile,
  • bule,
  • bpwl,
  • you'lll,
  • brual,
  • bufalo,
  • bugal,
  • balll,
  • bunle,
  • ffull,
  • bluey,
  • biult,
  • billm,
  • rulle,
  • piull,
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What does the abbreviation bull mean?

Related words for bull

Bull Moose Jackson


American singer

Benjamin Clarence "Bull Moose" Jackson was an American blues and rhythm-and-blues singer and saxophonist, who was most successful in the late 1940s.

Ecurie Ecosse


Ecurie Ecosse was a motor racing team from Scotland. The team was founded in November 1951 by Edinburgh businessman and racing driver David Murray and mechanic Wilkie Wilkinson, its most notable achievement was winning both the 1956 and 1957 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Toro, Zamora


Town in Spain

Toro is a town and municipality in the province of Zamora, part of the autonomous community of Castile and León, Spain. It is located on a fertile high plain, northwest of Madrid at an elevation of 740 metres.

Trygve Bull


Norwegian lecturer

Trygve Friis Bull was a Norwegian lecturer and politician. He was a member of Mot Dag in the 1920s and 1930s, and contributed to the magazines Mot Dag, Clarté and Kontakt.

USS Bull


Buckley-class destroyer escort

USS Bull was a Buckley-class destroyer escort, later converted to a Charles Lawrence-class high speed transport. She was the second Navy ship named after Lieutenant Richard Bull, a naval aviator who was posthumously awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.

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Rhymes for bull:

  1. full, wool, pull;

Translations for bull:

Arabic word for Bull


Bengali word for Bull


Chinese words for Bull

牛, 公牛, 牛市, 牡牛.

Dutch words for Bull

roos, krachtpatser, bul.

French words for Bull

haussier, taureau.

German words for Bull

Rind, stier, Bulle, Haussespekulant, Preistreiber.

Greek word for Bull


Italian word for Bull


Korean word for Bull


Malay word for Bull


Polish word for Bull


Portuguese word for Bull


Romanian word for Bull


Russian words for Bull

бык, бычий, самец, буйвол.

Spanish words for Bull

toro, bula, banteng.

Swedish word for Bull


Tamil word for Bull


Turkish words for Bull

ökse, Boğa.

Ukrainian word for Bull


Vietnamese word for Bull

bò đực.