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Correct spelling: bulwark

Definition of bulwark:

  1. A rampart; a fortification; any means of defence or security; the railing boards round the deck of a ship.
  2. To fortify with a bulwark.

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Examples of usage for bulwark:

  1. The generation of men who smiled at his wit, whose tears flowed at his bidding, who relished his wonderful colloquial powers, who regarded with a sense of personal triumph his marvellous displays at the Bar and in the public councils, and who looked up to him in the hour of danger as their bulwark and defence, have, with here and there a solitary exception, long preceded him to the tomb. –  by
  2. Meanwhile the orator continued: " May that honoured man who, like a second Atlas, bears the burden of our country on his shoulders, whom all future ages will reverence as the type of true patriotism, who is the leader of our party's forces in their march to victory, and whom we all regard as our light- giving pharos, a tower of strength to our side and the bulwark of our cause, though at present he is unfortunately unable to be with us in person,- may he, I say, live to enjoy renewed health and strength and to bear forward the banner of his party for many, many years to come!" –  by
  3. Petition of Increased Collins, for restoration to the keepership of Mote's Bulwark Dover. –  by