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How To Spell burmese?

Correct spelling: burmese

What are the common mistypes for burmese ?

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What are the usage examples for burmese?

  1. Off again - In a cargo steamer up river to the end of the Empire this way - The markets on board and Burmese life - Changing views, flowers, sunlight and swirling river - Fishing - Geese - Painting - Cascades of beautiful people, Snipe- shooting, and more fishing. – From Edinburgh to India & Burmah by William G. Burn Murdoch

What are the rhymes for burmese?

  1. crees, feese, freeze, tease, flees, rees, sneeze, beas, squeeze, frieze, kees, sies, glees, deas, sprees, geez, bes, wheeze, gies, neese, mease, please, fees, neas, lees, pleas, skis, preis, dees, pease, reas, meis, cees, breese, deis, reis, z's, keas, teas, friese, seas, sees, saez, leas, these, she's, frees, jeez, bees, peas, nees, tees, neis, cheese, sleaze, knees, threes, keyes, trees, breeze, ease, liese, hees, mees, fleas, vees, keys, seize;
  2. unease, trapeze, jaycees, reprise, disease, displease, draftees, cds, ortiz, lessees, louise, trustees, appease, decrees, scorsese, trainees, andries, degrees, agrees, chemise, cadiz, chinese, rupees, aziz, maltese, pawnees, foresees, belize;
  3. timorese, retirees, guarantees, nominees, internees, nepalese, ccs, detainees, journalese, sudanese, cantonese, conferees, devotees, expertise, licensees, guaranties, designees, japanese, franchisees, enrollees, inductees, enlistees, escapees, siamese, overseas, javanese, annamese, absentees, balinese, disagrees, taiwanese, referees, amputees, honorees, sinhalese, returnees, appointees;
  4. interviewees, stds, indochinese, abts;

What are the translations for burmese?

Afrikaans word for Burmese


Arabic word for Burmese


Bengali word for Burmese


Chinese word for Burmese


Dutch words for Burmese

Birmezen, Birmaans.

German word for Burmese


Greek word for Burmese


Hindi word for Burmese


Japanese word for Burmese


Korean word for Burmese


Malay word for Burmese


Polish word for Burmese


Portuguese word for Burmese


Russian word for Burmese


Spanish words for Burmese

Birman, birmano.

Swedish word for Burmese


Tamil word for Burmese


Turkish word for Burmese


Ukrainian word for Burmese


Vietnamese word for Burmese

thuộc nước/người/tiếng Myanmar.