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How To Spell burn?

Correct spelling: burn

Definition of burn:

  1. A small stream.

List of misspellings for burn:

  • bunie,
  • burue,
  • burnd,
  • buynig,
  • burd,
  • beeen,
  • furni,
  • woburn,
  • burnie,
  • birng,
  • bueru,
  • buyng,
  • boirn,
  • kuban,
  • beduin,
  • bureu,
  • aubern,
  • borwn,
  • burdain,
  • bearng,
  • bothn,
  • beern,
  • borin,
  • buner,
  • barnie,
  • brn,
  • burce,
  • bunnie,
  • bruon,
  • blwn,
  • lurn,
  • gobern,
  • burean,
  • burn't,
  • turn,
  • banna,
  • buing,
  • berni,
  • barnd,
  • barsan,
  • burne,
  • leurn,
  • bourn,
  • birn,
  • busan,
  • buuena,
  • boudn,
  • buynow,
  • borng,
  • neburgh,
  • bueno,
  • bdrn,
  • burb,
  • beene,
  • beuru,
  • beewn,
  • burban,
  • burng,
  • bucn,
  • butno,
  • bureo,
  • barnny,
  • burk,
  • bourban,
  • worbun,
  • barni,
  • burno,
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  • berny,
  • burdin,
  • thurn,
  • ourn,
  • luern,
  • rurn,
  • burnig,
  • bersen,
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  • burnin,
  • burka,
  • bornm,
  • hurn,
  • bornig,
  • buyin,
  • buiry,
  • biorn,
  • burdun,
  • burboun,
  • butn,
  • boren,
  • quarn,
  • burnley,
  • aburn,
  • bugun,
  • buron,
  • burnde,
  • burnner,
  • buero,
  • boucne.

What does the abbreviation burn mean?


stream; brook
Burn as a boy's name is a variant of Bourne (Middle English) and Burns (Middle English), and the meaning of Burn is "stream; brook".

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Burn Manor


Burn Manor is a house near Stratton in Cornwall, England, UK, now used as the reception and offices for a Seasons time-share resort.

Scratch and Burn


American television program

Scratch & Burn is an American musical sketch comedy and variety show that was aired on MTV in 2002. The show stars rappers and actors Jordan Allen-Dutton, GQ, JAQ and Erik Weiner.




Socialburn was a four-piece post-grunge band from Blountstown, Florida. Forming in 2000, the band released two independent albums, What A Beautiful Waste and World Outside, before being signed to Elektra Records in 2002.

Spark and Burn


Novel by Diana G. Gallagher

Spark and Burn is an original novel based on the U.S. television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Vector Burn


Musical artist

Vector Burn aka Oliver Scott, is a drum and bass producer from USA. With numerous releases on drum and bass labels of note in the USA and Europe, his music has been part of the burgeoning North American drum and bass scene since the turn of the millennium.

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Rhymes for burn:

  1. erne, churn, bern, dern, durn, vern, hearne, kern, turn, verne, spurn, urn, hearn, learn, fern, stearn, stearne, herne, stern, cern, kearn, burne, sterne, berne, yearn, earn, hurn, byrne, hern;
  2. return, discern, adjourn, sauterne, aherne, ahearn, concern, ahern, upturn, laverne;
  3. unconcern;

Translations for burn:

Arabic word for Burn


Bengali word for Burn


Chinese words for Burn

燃烧, 烧录, 刻录, 烧伤, 灼伤, 烧毁, 焚.

Dutch word for Burn


French words for Burn

graver, flamber, brûlure, incendier, faire brûler, incinérer, être consumé par le feu, brûlage.

German words for Burn

brennen, feuern, Brand, Brandmal, branden, Verbrennung, verkohlen, niederbrennen, leuchten, verbrennen, anbrennen, verheizen, verschmoren, Brandstelle, Brandfleck, Brandwunde, Verätzung, abbrennen, verfeuern.

Greek word for Burn


Hindi word for Burn


Italian words for Burn

bruciare, ardere, bruciatura.

Japanese words for Burn

火傷, 燃やす, やけど, 熱傷, 燃える, 焼け付く, 妬ける, こげる, 注す, やけつく, ねっしょう, 焼けつく, こがす, 焼ける, 燃す, やきあげる, ほてる, 焦げる, くべる, 灼ける, 焼べる, やける, 火照る, 焦がす, 焚く, 焼き上げる.

Javanese word for Burn


Korean word for Burn


Malay word for Burn


Marathi word for Burn

बर्न करा.

Norwegian word for Burn


Polish words for Burn

oparzenie, poparzenie.

Portuguese words for Burn

arder, queimar, queimadura, queima.

Romanian word for Burn


Russian words for Burn

ожог, жжение, сжечь, гореть, сгореть, спалить, прожечь.

Spanish words for Burn

quemar, gravar, quemarse, incinerar, incendiar, quemadura.

Swedish word for Burn


Tamil word for Burn


Turkish word for Burn


Ukrainian word for Burn


Vietnamese word for Burn

vết bỏng.