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Correct spelling: Burne


Burne \b(u)-rne, bur-ne\

stream; brook
Burne as a boy's name is a variant of Bourne (Middle English) and Burns (Middle English), and the meaning of Burne is "stream; brook". See also Calder.
Byrne, Burnie, Burney, Burn, Berne, Borne.

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Examples of usage for Burne:

  1. The art has, however, revived greatly during recent years, thanks, among other artists, to William Morris and Burne- Jones. "Our Homeland Churches and How to Study Them" , Sidney Heath.
  2. His sitting- room, with its dark red wallpaper and several good prints framed in dark oak- Burne- Jones' " Study for Cupid's Masque," Hunt's " Hireling Shepherd," and Whistler's " Battersea Bridge" were the best- might have been delightful had he learned to select; but at the present stage in his development he hated rejecting anything as long as it reached a certain standard. "The Wooden Horse" , Hugh Walpole.
  3. When Sir Edward Burne- Jones burst forth into the artistic firmament, Punch joined, if not the mockers, at least the severer critics. "The History of "Punch"" , M. H. Spielmann.

Rhymes for Burne:

  1. adjourn, ahearn, ahern, aherne, concern, discern, laverne, return, sauterne, upturn.
  2. bern, berne, burn, byrne, cern, churn, dern, durn, earn, erne, fern, hearn, hearne, hern, herne, hurn, kearn, kern, learn, spurn, stearn, stearne, stern, sterne, turn, urn, vern, verne, yearn.
  3. unconcern.
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