How To Spell bus?

Correct spelling: bus

What is the definition of bus?

  1. send or move around by bus; "The children were bussed to school"

What does the abbreviation bus mean?

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What are the usage examples for bus?

  1. When the bus conductor came round for the fares she 'adn't got any change; and when we got to the hall she did such eggsterrordinary things trying to find 'er pocket that I tried to look as if she didn't belong to me. – Ship's Company, The Entire Collection by W.W. Jacobs
  2. " It's a mighty sight more comfortable on the bus her father replied. – Danger at the Drawbridge by Mildred A. Wirt
  3. My Dad had shown me the bus stand in the morning and given me the bus number. – Free from School by Rahul Alvares
  4. There is an inn by the lake shore, and the bus stopped in front of it. – The Charm of Ireland by Burton Egbert Stevenson
  5. The old bus has broke down. – Back To Billabong by Mary Grant Bruce
  6. A sudden silence fell upon the little company in the bus – Grace Harlowe's Second Year at Overton College by Jessie Graham Flower
  7. " To- night, we will take you out for a ride on top of a bus if you like, John," said Philip. – John and Betty's History Visit by Margaret Williamson
  8. Those bus horses, which you admire, do look very fine at first, but the work is so hard on them, that they only last a very short time. – John and Betty's History Visit by Margaret Williamson
  9. I just saw the bus standing front the door. – The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley
  10. If you're standing by the road and a gravy bus comes along, what are you going to do? – The Samurai Strategy by Thomas Hoover

What are the rhymes for bus?

  1. wuss, fuhs, gus, thrusts, nuss, trus, guss, thus, xus, russ, prus, wass, suss, muhs, rus, huss, plus, shas, dusts, sus, cuss, buss, pus, kus, fuss, truss;
  2. disgusts, discuss, adjusts, distrusts;
  3. cus;

What are the translations for bus?

Arabic word for Bus


Chinese words for Bus

巴士, 汽车, 总线, 公共汽车, 公交, 公车, 客车.

Dutch words for Bus

met de bus gaan, per bus vervoeren.

French word for Bus


German words for Bus

Bus, Omnibus, Sammelleitung, Autobus, Sammelschiene, Vielfachleitung, Übertragungsweg.

Greek word for Bus


Hindi word for Bus


Korean word for Bus


Marathi word for Bus


Polish words for Bus

magistrala, autokar.

Portuguese word for Bus


Romanian word for Bus


Spanish words for Bus

colectivo, autocar, autobús, ómnibus.

Swedish word for Bus


Tamil word for Bus


Ukrainian word for Bus


Vietnamese word for Bus

xe buýt.