How To Spell business?

Correct spelling: business

What is the definition of business?

  1. Relating to business. To do the business for a man, to kill, destroy, or ruin him. To make it one's business, to see to it.

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What are the quotes for business?

  1. Christmas is over and Business is Business.
  2. We cannot make events. Our business is wisely to improve them.
  3. There is nothing more requisite in business than despatch.
  4. I look at every business and ask, How long can this last? How can I identify the status quo and change it?
  5. Whatever I do, it's my business. It's not my job to parent America.

What are the rhymes for business?

  1. nonbusiness;

What are the translations for business?

Afrikaans word for Business


Arabic word for Business

أَعْمال تـِجارِيَّة.

Dutch words for Business

organisatie, vennootschap, bedrijf, onderneming, zaak, bedrijfsleven.

French words for Business

entreprise, affaire, affaires, marché, société, commerce, commercial, commerciale, exploitation, entrepreneurial.

German words for Business

Problem, Angelegenheit, Sache, Aufgabe, Unternehmen, Betrieb, Firma, Business, geschäftlich, betriebswirtschaftlich, gewerblich, kaufmännisch, dienstlich, Pflicht, laden, Geschäftsverkehr, Geschäftsleben, Branche, Gewerbe, Geschäftsbetrieb, Handel, Beruf, Gewerbebetrieb, Chose, unternehmerisch, Affäre.

Greek word for Business


Hindi word for Business


Italian words for Business

commercio, aziendale, azienda, lavoro, affari, imprenditoriale, impresa, imprenditoria.

Japanese words for Business

営業, 取引, 商業, 業, 取り引き, 商い, 商法, 実業, 取引き, えいぎょう, しょうばい, じぎょう, けいざい, きぎょう, しょくぎょう, あきない, ようむ, しょうぎょう, ぎょう, 賑やかさ, かんち, しょうてん, しごと, じつぎょう, とせい, 役目, 関知, 所用, 渡世, 営為, 稼業, とりひき, しょよう, ビジネス.

Javanese word for Business


Korean word for Business


Malay word for Business


Marathi word for Business


Norwegian word for Business


Polish words for Business

transakcja, sprawa, biznes, działalność gospodarcza.

Portuguese words for Business

assunto, negócio, indústria, estabelecimento, trabalho, econômico, loja, profissional, actividade, empresariais, económicos, operacionais, profissionais, corporativos, negocial, negociais, corporativas.

Romanian word for Business


Spanish words for Business

problema, asunto, negocio, comercio, comercial, empresa, negocios, incumbencia, actividad, corporativo, interés, empresarial, actividades.

Swedish word for Business


Tamil word for Business


Turkish word for Business


Vietnamese word for Business

việc kinh doanh.