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How To Spell cali?

Correct spelling: cali

List of misspellings for cali:

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What does the abbreviation cali mean?


cup; fairest, most beautiful; beautiful, lovely
Cali as a girl's name is a variant of Calista (Latin, Greek) and Callie (Greek), and the meaning of Cali is "cup; fairest, most beautiful; beautiful, lovely".

Related words for cali

2010 Seguros Bolívar Open Cali



The 2010 Seguros Bolívar Open Cali was a professional tennis tournament played on outdoor red clay courts. It was the third edition of the tournament which was part of the 2010 ATP Challenger Tour.

Avenida Ciudad de Cali


Transit stop in Bogotá, Colombia

The intermediate station Avenida Ciudad de Cali is part of the TransMilenio mass-transit system of Bogotá, Colombia, opened in the year 2000.

Cali Connection


Studio album by C-Bo

Cali Connection is the 11th studio album by American rapper C-Bo, released February 28, 2012, on Ca$hville Records, West Coast Mafia Records and Black October Music. The album features guest performances by Outlawz, Young Buck, T-Nutty, 2:Eleven and more.

Princ Çali


Albanian soccer player

Princ Çali is an Albanian footballer who currently plays as a goalkeeper for Tirana in the Albanian First Division.

Swimming at the 1975 World Aquatics Championships



These are the results of the swimming competition at the 1975 World Aquatics Championships.

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Rhymes for cali:

  1. cally, valli, sallie, tally, sally, valley, sallee, galley, verbally, lally, hally, galli, halle, halley, vallee, mally, bally, talley, dally, rally, salley, raley;
  2. gali, allie, alley, dollie, holly, jolly, smalley, lolly, volley, holley, alie, folly, dolly, colley, rawly, mali, ali, dali, golly, calley, kahley, sollie, polly, molly, molley, vitale, hollie, dolley, mollie, colly, collie, rolley, alli, olley, ollie, bali, polley, brolly, trolley;
  3. bialy, finale, natali, somali, vitaly, natale, mcnally, bengali, vitali, kigali;
  4. mexicali;
  5. internationale;

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