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Correct spelling: cali

Cali \c(a)-li\

cup; fairest, most beautiful; beautiful, lovely
Cali as a girl's name is a variant of Calista (Latin, Greek) and Callie (Greek), and the meaning of Cali is "cup; fairest, most beautiful; beautiful, lovely".
Cal, Cala, kali, Calli, Calie.

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Examples of usage for cali:

  1. The true name of the nation was Cali those of the main were Cali nago or Calibis, of the islands Cali ponam. – The American Nations, Vol. I. by C. S. Rafinesque

Rhymes for cali:

  1. bally, dally, galley, halle, halley, lally, rally, sally, tally, valley, verbally, cally, hally, raley, mally, salley, sallie, sallee, talley, valli, vallee, galli;
  2. ali, alley, bali, brolly, collie, colly, dali, dolly, folly, holly, jolly, lolly, mali, mollie, molly, trolley, volley, polly, rawly, rolley, smalley, colley, allie, vitale, olley, ollie, sollie, alli, alie, calley, kahley, dolley, dollie, hollie, holley, molley, polley, gali, golly;
  3. bengali, bialy, finale, kigali, somali, natale, vitaly, natali, vitali, mcnally;
  4. mexicali;
  5. internationale;