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What are the rhymes for call?

  1. crawl, stall, thrall, pol, maul, mol, brawl, drawl, shaul, gaul, rawl, awl, aul, mall, scrawl, saul, bawl, paul, small, sall, all, krol, haul, nall, lall, spall, wal, wall, paule, dall, faul, shawl, maule, ball, hall, squall, sprawl, raul, thall, tall, gall;
  2. befall, install, antol, mccall, nepal, forestall, appall, recall, metall, withal, enthral;
  3. montreal, luminol, senegal;

What are the translations for call?

Afrikaans words for Call

nommer, appèl.

Arabic word for Call


Bengali word for Call


Chinese words for Call

呼叫, 致电, 调用, 拨打, 叫作, 呼召, 召唤, 号召, 称说.

Dutch words for Call

oproep, roep, telefoongesprek, bezoek.

French words for Call

passer, demande, lancer, contacter, appeler, appel, annoncer, cri, téléphoner, convoquer, choix, crier, qualifier, invitation, dénommer.

German words for Call

Forderung, Aufforderung, Abruf, abrufen, einfordern, anberaumen, nennen, bezeichnen, Berufung, Zahlungsaufforderung, besuchen, einberufen, Aufruf, benennen, Ruf, holen, aufrufen, Besuch, aufsuchen, betiteln, Call, Anruf, rufen, anrufen, telefonieren, mit telefonieren, Signal, Donner, herbeirufen, Telefonanruf, Telefongespräch, Kaufoption, Lockruf, Kundenbesuch, Telefongespräch , Gespräch, Schrei, anwählen, anläuten, anbimmeln, fiepen, anklingeln, Visite.

Greek word for Call


Hindi word for Call


Italian words for Call

convocazione, richiamo, chiamata, appello, richiesta, invito, conversazione, telefonata.

Japanese words for Call

呼び出す, 呼び, 呼出, 訪問, 呼び声, 招聘, お呼び, たたく, 呼出す, しょうめい, うかがい, 招じる, めし, 口をかける, 函れる, 容れる, 伺い, ほうもん, しょうかんじょう, 召し取る, 口を掛ける, 参る, よびごえ, 召捕る, 聯絡, めす, よびだす, しょうへい, 喚び出す, 招へい, こうりん, めしとる, しょうじる, 御呼び, はたく, らいほう.

Javanese words for Call

Apel, Nelpon.

Korean word for Call


Malay word for Call


Marathi word for Call

कॉल करा.

Norwegian word for Call


Polish words for Call

rozmowa, wezwanie, połączenie telefoniczne, rozmowa telefoniczna, zew, wołanie, wizyta.

Portuguese words for Call

anúncio, ligar, classificar, nomear, apelo, chamar, chamada, telefonema, convocação, descrever, intitular, telefonar, convite, apelidar, qualificar, chamamento, convocatória, intimação.

Russian words for Call

звонок, зов, оклик, звонить, звать, кричать, звонок по телефону.

Spanish words for Call

pasar, solicitud, solicitar, calificar, llamamiento, citar, pedido, demanda, reclamo, llamar, avisar, designar, visita, anunciar, parar, llamada, convocatoria, grito, canto, convocar, denominar, gritar, telefonear, rotular, proclama.

Swedish word for Call


Tamil word for Call


Turkish word for Call


Ukrainian word for Call


Vietnamese word for Call

cuộc gọi.