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How To Spell calm?

Correct spelling: calm

What are the misspellings for calm ?

  • colma,
  • coulome,
  • columia,
  • caluium,
  • cale,
  • cvame,
  • callme,
  • colmn,
  • callimg,
  • cal,
  • kulma,
  • calism,
  • caly,
  • climg,
  • valum,
  • colom,
  • cald,
  • coluum,
  • couldm,
  • clm,
  • callum,
  • calmth,
  • collum,
  • kalamar,
  • jersualem,
  • carlm,
  • coldm,
  • kalman,
  • klamth,
  • clamie,
  • walm,
  • caim,
  • calim,
  • callt,
  • calmity,
  • collem,
  • caem,
  • carma,
  • caulm,
  • calamri,
  • cualk,
  • calims,
  • calk,
  • clarm,
  • calme,
  • calmy,
  • colulm,
  • cals,
  • calcim,
  • coalc,
  • calaim,
  • calml,
  • colume,
  • calad,
  • calmn,
  • calw,
  • carme,
  • callhim,
  • cmame,
  • reclam,
  • calcuum,
  • collom,
  • calc,
  • coloma,
  • colm,
  • calicum,
  • jersualm,
  • cuald,
  • calamar,
  • cllaim,
  • cliam,
  • calsium,
  • rriculum,
  • calimamma,
  • jersalem,
  • calcuim,
  • casem,
  • calcum,
  • cammo,
  • caler,
  • calum,
  • jursaulem,
  • chalm,
  • clame,
  • camly,
  • kalmazoo,
  • camle,
  • cauld,
  • aclame,
  • warlmy,
  • casim,
  • columar,
  • cala,
  • columb,
  • call,
  • calmley,
  • clumb,
  • cuatom,
  • cilmb,
  • calue.

What does the abbreviation calm mean?

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This graph shows how "calm" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the quotes for calm?

  1. I urge calm and sensitivity to the fundamental civil liberties of our country.
  2. He who seldom speaks, and with one calm well -timed word can strike dumb the loquacious, is a genius or a hero.
  3. Work, look for peace and calm in work: you will find it nowhere else.
  4. You arrive at a village, and in this calm environment, one starts to hear echo.
  5. Yoga gave me the ability to calm down.

What are the rhymes for calm?

  1. mam, glomb, rom, bomb, prom, bom, rahm, fromm, halm, alm, som, nahm, yom, throm, hom, dom, malm, psalm, mom, tom, guam, crom, balm, saam, qom, thom, lomb, strom, phnom, salm, grom, nom, palm, quam, brom, brahm;
  2. becalm, anscom, anscomb, salaam, saddam, islam, amraam, embalm, aplomb, salam, pogrom;
  3. cdrom, vietnam, surinam;

What are the translations for calm?

Afrikaans word for Calm


Arabic word for Calm


Bengali word for Calm


Chinese words for Calm

平, 静, 平息, 镇定, 镇静, 坦然, 从容, 从容不迫, 沉穩, 沉靜, 稳静, 安静, 安宁, 平抚, 恬, 自若, 泰然, 闲静, 夷然, 详和, 心静, 平静的.

French words for Calm

calme, calmer, tranquille, repos, silence, paisible, apaiser, calmar, serein, accalmie, tranquilliser, sang froid.

German words for Calm

Ruhe, ruhig, Gelassenheit, still, besonnen, gelassen, beruhigen, Stille, Flaute, windstill, seelenruhig, gleichmütig, Windstille, Gemütsruhe, Kalme.

Greek word for Calm


Hindi word for Calm


Japanese words for Calm

穏やか, 平静, おだやか, 鎮める, しっとり, 大らか, しずか, おちついた, 和める, 物静か, あいぜん, しまりが無い, へいおん, あんぜん, 安らか, しずめる, 晏然, たいぜん, 悠々, 円い, 悠揚, 宥める, 廉い, なごめる, しまりがない, むふう, 落ちついた, とうとう, たいりくてき, 多らか, まろい, れいせい, 締まりがない, 心静か, ものしずか, ちんせい.

Korean word for Calm


Malay word for Calm


Marathi word for Calm


Norwegian word for Calm


Polish words for Calm

spokojny, spokój, cisza, cichy.

Portuguese words for Calm

calmo, silêncio, aquietar.

Romanian word for Calm


Russian words for Calm

спокойствие, спокойный, штиль, невозмутимость.

Spanish words for Calm

quieto, tranquilo, calma, aliviar, tranquilidad, apacible, tranquilizar, sereno, calmado, mitigar, apaciguar, aplacar, sosegado, quietud, sosiego, calmada, serenidad, sosegar.

Swedish word for Calm


Turkish word for Calm


Ukrainian word for Calm


Vietnamese word for Calm

bình tĩnh.