How To Spell camera?

Correct spelling: camera

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What is the definition of camera?

  1. A chamber, or instrument having a chamber. Specifically: The camera obscura when used in photography. See Camera, and Camera obscura.

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What are the rhymes for camera?

  1. samra, amre;
  2. samara;

What are the translations for camera?

Arabic word for Camera


Chinese word for Camera


Dutch words for Camera

fototoestel, filmcamera.

French words for Camera

caméra, appareil photo, appareil photographique.

German words for Camera

Kamera, Fotoapparat, Richterzimmer.

Greek word for Camera


Hindi word for Camera


Italian words for Camera

telecamera, fotocamera, videocamera, macchina fotografica, cinepresa.

Marathi word for Camera


Polish word for Camera

aparat fotograficzny.

Portuguese word for Camera

câmera fotográfica.

Romanian word for Camera

cameră foto.

Russian word for Camera

фото- или видеокамера.

Spanish word for Camera

máquina fotográfica.

Tamil word for Camera


Ukrainian word for Camera


Vietnamese word for Camera

máy ảnh.