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How To Spell canteen?

Correct spelling: canteen

Definition of canteen:

  1. sells food and personal items to personnel at an institution or school or camp etc.

List of misspellings for canteen:

  • contune,
  • conatin,
  • cantener,
  • sentene,
  • cantain,
  • contueing,
  • cuaranteen,
  • contenuie,
  • nicateen,
  • contan,
  • candain,
  • canadien,
  • kingergarden,
  • contenue,
  • canlearn,
  • johantahn,
  • cnadian,
  • conceern,
  • contne,
  • manahtten,
  • contaban,
  • wanten,
  • teneten,
  • canadin,
  • contenu,
  • gentiemen,
  • cantine,
  • ninteen,
  • maintene,
  • contagen,
  • counrtney,
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  • contener,
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  • gaurnteeing,
  • countine,
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  • canthen,
  • quarenteen,
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  • cateen,
  • cantena.

Related words for canteen

Amma Unavagam


Canteen company

Amma Unavagam is a food subsidisation programme run by the Government of Tamil Nadu in India. Under the scheme, municipal corporations of the state run canteens serving subsidised food at low prices.

Canteen Lunch in the Alley


Sandwich shop in Ottumwa, Iowa

Canteen Lunch in the Alley is a restaurant located in Ottumwa, Iowa. The original five-stool Canteen Lunch was opened in 1927 in a different location, and moved to its current address in 1936.

Jean Heather


American actress

Jean Heather was an American actress who appeared in eight feature films during the 1940s. She acted in two Oscar-nominated movies in 1944: the crime drama Double Indemnity, in which she played Lola Dietrichson, a young woman convinced that her stepmother Phyllis is responsible for the murder of Lola's father, and Going My Way, where she played a runaway teenager assisted by Father O'Malley.

Tuck shop


A tuck shop is a small, food-selling retailer. It is a term principally used in the UK, Ireland, Grenada, South Africa, Nigeria, New Zealand, Jamaica, Australia, Pakistan, India, and occasionally in other parts of the former British Empire.



Record label

Weewerk, stylized as, is an independent folk, roots, bluegrass, country record label and artist-management company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Quotes for canteen:

  1. I never thought I want to do anything, really, except not go to work properly and turn up at the same place every day and eat sandwiches in the same canteen, if I can possibly help it, as I don't think I'd be very good at it.

Rhymes for canteen:

  1. deane, haen, keen, green, scene, wien, seen, gene, gean, steen, glean, keane, kean, mean, plein, clean, queen, teen, spleen, lean, screen, keene, bean, freen, dean, frean, jeane, greene, sheen, breen, lene, jeanne, mien, lien, mclean, nene, wein, leen, deen, treen, wean, meine, jean, preen, skene, cian;
  2. arleen, charline, janine, sharleen, alene, foreseen, noreen, jeanine, careen, georgine, myrlene, clymene, cuisine, marine, ardeen, sunscreen, marcin, latrine, lamine, jolene, claudine, unseen, racine, laureen, vaccine, joaquin, sixteen, machine, serene, doreen, lurleen, helene, levine, kristine, charleen, aleen, maureen, convene, baleen, killeen, aileen, celine, irene, citrine, maxine, agin, demean, ravine, coleen, between, martine, charlene, chretien, ameen, kathleen, onscreen, eileen, crimean, eighteen, medin, seguin, moreen, caffeine, francine, deneen, marleene, shirleen, eugene, preteen, pauline, sardine, colleen, selene, laurene, fourteen, sarene, amin, nadine, benzene, casein, sistine, christine, sabine, ireene, thirteen, fifteen, lorene, saline, nineteen, wileen, philene, unclean, corinne, salin, cathleen, obscene, slovene, moline, aldin, justine, umpteen, carleen, feldene, marleen;
  3. bernadine, intervene, reconvene, valentin, propylene, figurine, madelene, wolverine, unforeseen, tangerine, trampoline, submarine, seventeen, smithereen, benyamin, gelatine, tambourine, hallowe'en, geraldine, halloween, augustin;
  4. mujahedeen, aquamarine, mujahideen;

Translations for canteen:

Afrikaans word for Canteen


Arabic word for Canteen


Bengali word for Canteen


Chinese word for Canteen


French words for Canteen

cantine, flasque, bidon, gourde, gamelle.

German words for Canteen

Kasino, Restaurant, Kantine, Mensa, Feldflasche, Speisesaal, Betriebsrestaurant, Kochgeschirr, Gemeinschaftsküche, Besteckkasten.

Greek word for Canteen


Hindi word for Canteen


Japanese word for Canteen


Korean word for Canteen

구내 식당.

Malay word for Canteen


Marathi word for Canteen


Polish word for Canteen


Romanian word for Canteen


Russian word for Canteen


Spanish words for Canteen

comedor, cantina, de comedor, refectorio, cantimplora.

Swedish word for Canteen


Tamil word for Canteen


Ukrainian word for Canteen


Vietnamese word for Canteen

căng tin.