How To Spell capacity?

Correct spelling: capacity

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What are the rhymes for capacity?

  1. cassity;
  2. mendacity, veracity, tenacity, audacity, opacity, voracity;
  3. incapacity;
  4. overcapacity;

What are the translations for capacity?

Afrikaans word for Capacity


Bengali word for Capacity


Chinese words for Capacity

才能, 容积.

German words for Capacity

Leistung, Funktion, Eigenschaft, Inhalt, Kapazität, Befugnis, Belastbarkeit, Volumen, Aufnahmefähigkeit, Auslastung, Leistungsvermögen, Rauminhalt, Aufnahmevermögen.

Greek word for Capacity


Japanese words for Capacity

容量, キャパシティ, 収容力, 収容能力, キャパシティー, 内容積, 体積, キャパ, しゅうようりょく, ないようせき, ようせき, たいせき, しゅうようのうりょく.

Javanese word for Capacity


Korean word for Capacity


Malay word for Capacity


Norwegian word for Capacity


Polish words for Capacity

potencjał, pojemność, maksymalna objętość.

Portuguese words for Capacity

competência, potência, capacidade.

Romanian word for Capacity


Russian words for Capacity

потенциал, производительность, вместимость, дееспособность, вместительность, грузоподъёмность.

Spanish words for Capacity

capacidad, habilidad, rendimiento, medios, calidad, papel, aptitud, recursos, cabida, aforo.

Swedish word for Capacity


Turkish word for Capacity