How To Spell careen?

Correct spelling: careen

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What is the definition of careen?

  1. pitching dangerously to one side


Careen as a girl's name is pronounced ke-REEN. Modern name. Possibly a combination of Cara with the -een suffix, or a variant of Corinne or Carina. Literary: first used in Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the Wind" for Carreen. the younger sister of Scarlet. Sometimes used as a variant of Karen.
  • Carwen,
  • Caren,
  • Careena,
  • Carren,
  • Coreen,
  • Kareen.

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What are the translations for careen?

Afrikaans word for Careen


Arabic word for Careen


Bengali word for Careen


Chinese word for Careen


French word for Careen


Greek word for Careen


Hindi word for Careen


Korean word for Careen


Malay word for Careen


Marathi word for Careen

काळजी घेणे.

Romanian word for Careen


Spanish word for Careen


Turkish word for Careen


Ukrainian word for Careen


Vietnamese word for Careen

sửa tàu.