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How To Spell careens?

Correct spelling: careens

What are the common mistypes for careens ?

  • cadeens,
  • ca5eens,
  • car4ens,
  • cardens,
  • czreens,
  • caresns,
  • cafeens,
  • care4ns,
  • cqreens,
  • car3ens,
  • ca4eens,
  • vareens,
  • dareens,
  • xareens,
  • carwens,
  • carewns,
  • cwreens,
  • carerns,
  • caeeens,
  • caredns.

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This graph shows how "careens" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the rhymes for careens?

  1. beans, greens, scenes, teens, deans, gleans, leans, peens, liens, jeans, means, genes, cleans, screens, queens;
  2. ravines, vaccines, canteens, sunscreens, machines, cuisines, marines, slovenes, preteens, latrines, fifteens, convenes, sardines, demeans, eighteens, sixteens;
  3. figurines, smithereens, gasolines, intervenes, submarines;
  4. nitrosamines;