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How To Spell cast?

Correct spelling: cast

Definition of cast:

  1. To vomit.

List of misspellings for cast:

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  • carseat,
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What does the abbreviation cast mean?

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AMERICAN Cast Iron Pipe Company, headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, is a manufacturer of ductile iron pipe, spiral-welded steel pipe, fire hydrants and valves for the waterworks industry and electric-resistance-welded steel pipe for the oil and natural gas industry.

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Mamma Mia! Original Cast Recording


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Quotes for cast:

  1. In this world, full often, our joys are only the tender shadows which our sorrows cast.
  2. My brother was a great favorite with everybody, and his death cast a gloom upon the whole neighborhood.
  3. Well, we're trying to patch and fix and put a cast on a broken system here. You can call it what you want, but we'll continue to purchase power in a private market.
  4. You, too, women, cast away all the cowards from your embraces; they will give you only cowards for children, and you who are the daughters of the land of beauty must bear children who are noble and brave.
  5. I think I believe a little bit in the power of people to really cast a bad energy on you if they want to. If the bad mojo wants to come your way, look out.

Translations for cast:

Arabic word for Cast


Bengali word for Cast


Chinese words for Cast

浇注, 投, 铸造, 施放, 演员表.

Dutch words for Cast

aard, gegoten, geworpen, cast, afgietsel, gietvorm, bezetting, gooi, worp, rolverdeling.

French words for Cast

couler, lancer, moule, mouler, jeter, moulage, fondre, moulée, lance, fondu, acteurs.

German words for Cast

verteilen, abwerfen, Distribution, besetzen, werfen, Besetzung, Wurf, gießen, auswerfen, gegossen, Guss, Ensemble, Type, Abdruck, Abguss, urformen, Gips, Rollenverteilung, Gipsverband, Gewölle, Rollenbesetzung, Mal, Tinte.

Greek word for Cast

διανομή ρόλων.

Hindi word for Cast


Italian words for Cast

getto, calco.

Japanese words for Cast

キャスト, ギプス, ギブス, 投じる, 陣容, 鋳る, 投ずる, とうずる, じんよう, 鑄る, とうじる.

Korean word for Cast


Malay word for Cast


Marathi word for Cast

कास्ट करा.

Polish word for Cast


Portuguese words for Cast

jogar, moldar, lançar, atirar, selecionar, gesso, moldado, lançados, lançada, jogados, atirado, manifestados.

Romanian word for Cast


Russian words for Cast

актёрский состав, бросок, швыряние, состав исполнителей.

Spanish words for Cast

emitir, reparto, lanzar, estilo, asignar, lanzamiento, tono, proyectar, forma, moldear, fundido, emitido, elenco, molde, escayola, echar, arrojar, fundir, mudar, dar un papel, vaciar, tirar, modo, aspecto, depositar, forjado, fundida, pieza fundida, tirada de dados.

Swedish word for Cast


Turkish word for Cast


Ukrainian word for Cast

акторський склад.

Vietnamese word for Cast

dàn diễn viên.