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Correct spelling: cat

Definition of cat:

  1. A domestic animal; a kind of ship; a strong tackle or combination of pulleys, to draw an anchor to the cathead; a double tripod, having six feet, and which falls like a cat.
  2. To raise to the cathead and stow there. Cat- beam, the longest beam in a ship.

Cat \cat\

Cat as a girl's name is a variant of Catherine (Greek) and Katherine (Greek), and the meaning of Cat is "pure".
Cato, Kat, Caty, Cait, Cati, Cath, Cate.

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Examples of usage for cat:

  1. Then he called Minnie, the cat and said-" Look here, Minnie, do you want to go to the baker's with us to buy a loaf of bread?" –  by
  2. When the dog and cat have had enough to eat, they lie down perfectly happy and contented. –  by
  3. " You can say the cat got up here and did it," Phil Blaney was saying. –  by

Rhymes for cat:

  1. at, bat, brat, chat, dat, fat, flat, gat, gatt, gnat, hat, lat, mat, matt, matte, pat, platte, rat, sat, scat, slat, spat, splat, tat, vat, kat, nat, platt, that, pratt, katt, stat, hatt, catt, batt, patt, blatt, bratt, krat;
  2. at-bat, combat, cravat, nonfat, sadat, begat, landsat, elat;
  3. gujarat, rat-a-tat, inmarsat;
  4. hnat;