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How To Spell cause?

Correct spelling: cause

List of misspellings for cause:

  • beaucse,
  • caure,
  • youse,
  • cousul,
  • acsse,
  • causein,
  • coauses,
  • ecase,
  • coursee,
  • bocouse,
  • coice,
  • cousen,
  • chau's,
  • auser,
  • cahce,
  • becausa,
  • calue,
  • thecourse,
  • casuely,
  • couses,
  • ccurs,
  • bccause,
  • becauese,
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  • cuase,
  • bcuseae,
  • cource,
  • causees,
  • cluse,
  • sauge,
  • couarse,
  • counse,
  • becausee,
  • ocourse,
  • becqause,
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What does the abbreviation cause mean?

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Quotes for cause:

  1. It was like an honor thing for me to meet 50 cause I respected his whole story.
  2. If you do things with a certain type of result and cause a certain type of reaction or effect, then you increase your market value. It's very much a competition for the entertainment dollar, and that's never been more clearly evident than in today's NBA game.
  3. A mechanical encounter or other energy -exchange may cause tissue damage.
  4. And think of how we challenged the idea of a male dominated Parliament with All -Women shortlists and made the cause of gender equality central to our government. We were right to do so.
  5. Undoubtedly, at the moment, the major cause of CO2 emission is what happens in developed countries.

Rhymes for cause:

  1. staas, cars, laas, maz, roz, baas, waas, mas, vase, maas, kaas, paz, ahs, faas, chas, gaz, bras, oz, pas, spas, was, coz, naas, chazz;
  2. francoise;

Translations for cause:

Afrikaans word for Cause


Arabic word for Cause


Dutch words for Cause

aanleiding, zaak, doel, oorzaak.

French words for Cause

motif, provoquer, produire, susciter, source, raison, engendrer, causer, origine, amener, fonte, facteur, cause, pourquoi, occasionner.

German words for Cause

Anliegen, Sache, bedingen, verursachen, bewirken, erzeugen, hervorrufen, Ursache, Grund, Anlass, veranlassen, anrichten, stiften, erregen, Verursacher, Erreger, Veranlassung, Beweggrund, originär, reden.

Greek word for Cause


Italian words for Cause

fattore, ragione.

Japanese words for Cause

原因, 引き起こす, 起因, 及ぼす, 基, 誘発, 引き起す, 起こり, 惹起, いわれ, 来す, まねく, およぼす, おこり, おこす, 起, 由, 成因, 基因, げんいん, 所為, 来由, 引きおこす, 因を成す, 因由, らいゆ, しょうずる, あたえる, せいいん, 本源, たね, いんゆ, たてる, きいん.

Javanese word for Cause


Malay word for Cause


Norwegian word for Cause


Portuguese words for Cause

produzir, desencadear, origem, trazer, acarretar, gerar.

Romanian word for Cause


Russian words for Cause

причина, повод, мотив.

Spanish words for Cause

producir, desencadenar, provocar, causa, motivo, criar, incitar, crear, fundamento, causar, origen, raíz, factor, inducir, motivar, ocasionar, causante, instigar.

Swedish word for Cause


Turkish word for Cause

sebeb olmak.

Ukrainian word for Cause


Vietnamese word for Cause

nguyên do.