How To Spell caution?

Correct spelling: caution

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What is the definition of caution?

  1. To warn.

What does the abbreviation caution mean?

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This graph shows how "caution" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

What are the usage examples for caution?

  1. Of course you must exercise great caution it will be some time before you can begin your vocalises again." – Prince Fortunatus by William Black

What are the translations for caution?

Afrikaans word for Caution


Arabic word for Caution


Bengali word for Caution


Dutch words for Caution

waarschuwing, voorzichtigheid, terughoudendheid, omzichtigheid, behoedzaamheid.

French words for Caution

prévenir, prudence.

German words for Caution

Aviso, warnen, Warnung, Vorsicht, Umsicht, verwarnen, bedacht, Abmahnung, Verwarnung, Behutsamkeit, vorwarnen, belehren, ermahnen.

Japanese words for Caution

注意, コーション, ようじん, 戒心, ねんのいれかた, 念の入れ方.

Korean word for Caution


Marathi word for Caution


Norwegian word for Caution


Polish words for Caution

uwaga, ostrożność, rozwaga, przestroga, pouczenie, roztropność.

Portuguese words for Caution

advertência, precaução, precauções.

Romanian word for Caution


Spanish words for Caution

alerta, advertir, avisar, alertar, cuidado, amonestar, cautela, amonestación, prudencia, caucionar, precaver.

Swedish word for Caution


Turkish word for Caution


Ukrainian word for Caution


Vietnamese word for Caution

sự thận trọng.