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How To Spell cease?

Correct spelling: cease

Definition of cease:

  1. To come to an end; to stop; to leave off or give over; to desist; as, the noise ceased.

List of misspellings for cease:

  • sesce,
  • reaserce,
  • desase,
  • ceace,
  • easee,
  • censear,
  • searce,
  • serease,
  • ceilce,
  • beuase,
  • seece,
  • acesse,
  • baceuse,
  • ciurse,
  • ceease,
  • ceeses,
  • cheasea,
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  • ceaser,
  • ceazed,
  • seace,
  • squease,
  • caeuse,
  • beceause,
  • caese,
  • eeasier,
  • scenese,
  • deasise,
  • csae,
  • cesure,
  • bceasue,
  • cera's,
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  • cuase,
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  • ceaseing,
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  • zeaus.

What does the abbreviation cease mean?

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Suresh Joachim


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Suresh Joachim Arulanantham is a Tamil Canadian film actor, producer, and multiple-Guinness World Record holder who has broken more than 60 world records set in several countries in attempts to benefit underprivileged children around the world.

The Wonderful World of Cease A Leo


Album by Junior M.A.F.I.A. and Lil' Cease

The Wonderful World of Cease A Leo is the only solo album by rapper and Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Lil' Cease. It was released on July 13, 1999 through Atlantic Records and was mainly produced by members of The Hitmen.

Until the Grinders Cease


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Until the Grinders Cease is the debut album of Sky Cries Mary, released in 1989 through Lively Art.

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Rhymes for cease:

  1. peace, fleece, suisse, nice, pease, leece, speece, feasts, lease, neiss, seis, crease, leese, priests, piece, niece, gees, reese, grease, geese, cece, greece, tese, reece, rease;
  2. matisse, increase, maurice, audris, elise, decease, markese, release, devries, maryse, denise, decrease, apiece, patrice, edris, police, bernice, tunis, caprice, obese, felice, denice, aris, luis, cerise, clarice;
  3. vietnamese;

Translations for cease:

Afrikaans word for Cease


Arabic word for Cease


Bengali word for Cease


Chinese words for Cease

停息, 辍, 停住.

French words for Cease

abandonner, interrompre, cesser, stopper, s'interrompre, César.

German words for Cease

ablassen, einstellen, beenden, Unterlassen, enden, aufhören, wegfallen, abgeschafft werden.

Greek word for Cease


Hindi word for Cease


Italian word for Cease


Japanese words for Cease

やむ, 断える, 留る, やまる, 止む, 止る, 絶える, とまる, 罷む, 已む.

Javanese word for Cease


Korean word for Cease


Malay word for Cease


Marathi word for Cease


Norwegian word for Cease


Polish words for Cease

przestawać, zaprzestać, zaprzestawać, skończyć się, kończyć się, przestają.

Portuguese words for Cease

deixar, interromper, cessar, findar.

Romanian word for Cease


Russian word for Cease


Spanish words for Cease

abandonar, suspender, interrumpir, terminar, finalizar, detener, parar, concluir, acabar, cesar.

Swedish word for Cease


Tamil word for Cease


Turkish word for Cease


Ukrainian word for Cease


Vietnamese word for Cease