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Spell Check of cede

Correct spelling: cede

Definition of cede:

  1. To yield; to give up.
  2. To submit; to give way.

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What does the abbreviation cede mean?

CEDE abbreviation definitions:
–  Centro de Estudios sobre el Desarrollo Económico
–  Centro de Estudos da Democraçia e Desenvolvimento

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Quotes for cede:

  1. Therefore, I do not wish to consider any proposition to cede any portion of our tribal holdings to the Great Father.
  2. No one wants to lose their job, or cede the power they've acquired.

Rhymes for cede:

  1. plead, succeed, read, rashid, bleed, feed, indeed, mead, friede, weed, reid, brede, freed, need, recede, walid, greed, mislead, wied, supersede, bead, speed, he'd, nead, lipide, knead, breed, screed, reseed, reread, fede, impede, stampede, bede, lead, creed, reed, leed, deed, we'd, heed, precede, kneed, keyed, teed, skied, fried, saeed, snead, hamid, swede, seed, tweed, she'd, waleed, shaheed, dede, ede, sneed, steed, meade, secede, proceed, rasheed, misread, misdeed;
  2. agreed, decreed, accede, elide, degreed, concede, gilead, exceed;
  3. overfeed, disagreed, aristide, guaranteed, intercede;