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How To Spell chalet?

Correct spelling: chalet

Definition of chalet:

  1. a Swiss house with a sloping roof and wide eaves or a house built in this style

List of misspellings for chalet:

  • chuld,
  • shilloete,
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The Beach Chalet is a two-story Spanish clonial revival style building at the far western end of Golden Gate park in San Francisco.

Chalet d’Asdonck



Chalet d’Asdonck is the name of a country house in the Belgian city of Leopoldsburg. More precisely, the house is situated in Immert, which is alternatively known as Asdonkerheide, the Asdonk Heath. The building itself dates from ca 1900.

Pierre Ochs


French freestyle skier

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Rhymes for chalet:

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  4. communique, foia, ceta, cabriolet, asea, hiaa, naivete, noaa;
  5. waga;

Translations for chalet:

Arabic word for Chalet


Bengali word for Chalet

কাষ্ঠনির্মিত কুটীর.

Chinese word for Chalet

> 小木屋.

Dutch word for Chalet


French word for Chalet


German word for Chalet


Greek word for Chalet


Hindi word for Chalet


Italian word for Chalet


Japanese word for Chalet


Korean word for Chalet


Norwegian word for Chalet


Polish word for Chalet


Russian word for Chalet


Spanish words for Chalet

cabaña, cabaña (de madera).

Swedish word for Chalet


Tamil word for Chalet

வயல் வீடு போன்ற குடில்.

Turkish word for Chalet

dağ evi.

Ukrainian word for Chalet


Vietnamese word for Chalet

cầu tiêu công cộng.