How To Spell character?

Correct spelling: character

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What is the definition of character?

  1. engrave or inscribe characters on

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What are the translations for character?

Arabic word for Character


Bengali word for Character


Chinese words for Character

质, 性质, 字符, 品格, 人品, 质地, 心地, 脾气, 品节, 气韵, 情操, 性状, 人气.

Dutch words for Character

aard, teken, figuur, karakter, personage.

French words for Character

signe, caractère, personnage, nature, lettre, identité.

German words for Character

Merkmal, Eigenschaft, Beschaffenheit, Eigenart, Disposition, Temperament, Charme, Gestalt, Figur, Wesen, Subjekt, Art, Rolle, original, Zeichen, Typ, Bursche, Symbol, Person, Charakter, Letter, Buchstabe, Natur, Persönlichkeit, Schriftzeichen, Gepräge, Romanfigur, Wesensart.

Greek word for Character


Hindi word for Character


Italian word for Character


Japanese words for Character

キャラクタ, 人柄, 一字, 品性, 性向, 格, もじ, ひとがら, 気っ風, 一人物, いちじんぶつ, きふう, じんぶつ, 素質, かたぎ, 天機, 人品, 容気, じんかく, もんじ.

Korean word for Character


Malay word for Character


Marathi word for Character


Norwegian word for Character


Polish words for Character

znak, bohater, specyfika, usposobienie.

Portuguese words for Character

carácter, caráter, personagem, natureza, personalidade, índole, pendor, singularidade.

Russian words for Character

персонаж, иероглиф.

Spanish words for Character

figura, papel, conducta, personaje, carácter, personalidad, naturaleza, índole, reputación, temperamento.

Swedish word for Character


Tamil word for Character


Vietnamese word for Character

đặc điểm.