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How To Spell character?

Correct spelling: character

Definition of character:

  1. engrave or inscribe characters on

List of misspellings for character:

  • charoltte,
  • charachtor,
  • charcged,
  • haracter,
  • chracaters,
  • characxter,
  • chracters,
  • chafactor,
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  • charector.

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Quotes for character:

  1. I'm really excited, because the character, Jules, is a really awesome character. I'm really excited to be playing her, and overall, I'm really excited to be getting back to my acting roots.
  2. I've been doing this 17 years but I can tell you I have more websites now than I have ever had devoted to me or my past career or my character. When I got this show, I think I had two fans out there that had created websites on my behalf.
  3. The real character of a man is found out by his amusements.
  4. I would assume most people hate my character. But I'm hoping that I'm the character you love to hate.
  5. French and German illustrate the misleading character of apparent grammatical simplicity just as well.

Translations for character:

Arabic word for Character


Bengali word for Character


Chinese words for Character

质, 性质, 字符, 品格, 人品, 质地, 心地, 脾气, 品节, 气韵, 情操, 性状, 人气.

Dutch words for Character

aard, teken, figuur, karakter, personage.

French words for Character

signe, caractère, personnage, nature, lettre, identité.

German words for Character

Merkmal, Eigenschaft, Beschaffenheit, Eigenart, Disposition, Temperament, Charme, Gestalt, Figur, Wesen, Subjekt, Art, Rolle, original, Zeichen, Typ, Bursche, Symbol, Person, Charakter, Letter, Buchstabe, Natur, Persönlichkeit, Schriftzeichen, Gepräge, Romanfigur, Wesensart.

Greek word for Character


Hindi word for Character


Italian word for Character


Japanese words for Character

キャラクタ, 人柄, 一字, 品性, 性向, 格, もじ, ひとがら, 気っ風, 一人物, いちじんぶつ, きふう, じんぶつ, 素質, かたぎ, 天機, 人品, 容気, じんかく, もんじ.

Korean word for Character


Malay word for Character


Marathi word for Character


Norwegian word for Character


Polish words for Character

znak, bohater, specyfika, usposobienie.

Portuguese words for Character

carácter, caráter, personagem, natureza, personalidade, índole, pendor, singularidade.

Russian words for Character

персонаж, иероглиф.

Spanish words for Character

figura, papel, conducta, personaje, carácter, personalidad, naturaleza, índole, reputación, temperamento.

Swedish word for Character


Tamil word for Character


Vietnamese word for Character

đặc điểm.