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How To Spell charge?

Correct spelling: charge

List of misspellings for charge:

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What does the abbreviation charge mean?

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Quotes for charge:

  1. The thing about film -making is I give it everything, that's why I work so hard. I always tell young actors to take charge. It's not that hard. Sign your own cheques, be responsible.
  2. Waste no time with revolutions that do not remove the causes of your complaints but simply change the faces of those in charge.
  3. In order to be a lieutenant, you've got to have authority in your voice. No matter how young your face looks, you've got to let your guys know that you're in charge.
  4. Learning, while at school, that the charge for the education of girls was the same as that for boys, and that, when they became teachers, women received only half as much as men for their services, the injustice of this distinction was so apparent.
  5. The magnetic cleavage of the spectral lines is dependent on the size of the charge of the electron, or, more accurately, on the ratio between the mass and the charge of the electron.

Translations for charge:

Afrikaans word for Charge


Arabic word for Charge


Chinese word for Charge


Dutch words for Charge

belasting, lading, tarief, leiding, aanklacht, heffing, beschuldiging, prijs, verdenking, beschermeling, bijdrage, pupil, explosief.

French words for Charge

charger, attaquer, grever, imputer.

German words for Charge

verlangen, Klage, fordern, Verpflichtung, Leitung, Abgabe, Belastung, Ladung, Kosten, Verantwortung, Anklage, Vorwurf, Fürsorge, anvertraute Person, berechnen, aufladen, beschuldigen, anklagen, Auftrag, erheben, belasten, angreifen, Berechnung, Anzeige, Aufladung, Pflicht, Angriff, Strafanzeige, Füllung, Taxe, Aufsicht, Sturm, Gewahrsam, Amt, Tarif, Anschuldigung, Überwachung, Obhut, Beschuldigung, Möller, Benutzungsgebühr, Patient, Füllgut, Abbuchung, anvertrautes Gut, Mündel, Polizeiaufsicht, Schützling, Lastschrift, Anklagepunkt, Ladungsstand, laden, in Rechnung stellen, anrechnen, beladen, beschicken, stürmen, liquidieren, unter Anklage stellen, einen Preis verlangen, bezichtigen, Last, Kost, Cargo.

Greek word for Charge


Hindi word for Charge


Italian words for Charge

carico, carica, tariffa, onere, addebito, tassa.

Japanese words for Charge

負担, かする, 課する, がかり, しゅうげき, 廉, つみする, とっしん, 言いつける, ようぎ, 代価, とつげき, 装塡, 懸り, 訴因, こくそ, もち, さはい, だいきん, 委任, 突貫, 篭める, 言付ける, そいん, 言い付ける, 罪する, 一発, 掛, そうてん, 罩める, 籠める, しんげき, とっかん, にん, 料金.

Javanese word for Charge


Korean word for Charge


Malay word for Charge


Marathi word for Charge


Polish words for Charge

opłata, naładowanie.

Portuguese words for Charge

custo, taxa, cobrança, responsabilidade, carregar, incumbir, dever, imposto, carregamento, despesa, custódia, imposição, encarregar, incriminar, dar ordem.

Romanian word for Charge


Russian word for Charge


Spanish words for Charge

pedir, tasa, precio, tarifa, confiar, carga, cargar, cometido, facturar, acusación, atacar, recargo, acusar, cobro, gastos, costo, gravamen, coste, cobrar, encargo, gravar, abastecer, electricidad, embestida, debitar.

Swedish word for Charge


Tamil word for Charge


Turkish word for Charge

şarj etmek.

Ukrainian word for Charge