How To Spell charm?

Correct spelling: charm

What is the definition of charm?

  1. induce into action by using one's charm; "She charmed him into giving her all his money"

What does the abbreviation charm mean?

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What are the usage examples for charm?

  1. I hardly know, except that the word " alone" has such a charm in it connected with a woman we love. – To-morrow? by Victoria Cross
  2. It was a familiar view; yet it was one not easy to get tired of; and of course on such a morning as this it lost none of its charm – Prince Fortunatus by William Black
  3. It was all unexpected; that was the charm of the whole relation. – Son of Power by Will Levington Comfort and Zamin Ki Dost

What are the rhymes for charm?

  1. arm, harm, farm;
  2. nonfarm, unarm, rearm, alarm, forearm, disarm;
  3. underarm;

What are the translations for charm?

Afrikaans word for Charm


Arabic word for Charm


Bengali word for Charm


Dutch words for Charm

charmeren, betoveren, amulet, betovering, toverspreuk, bedeltje, bekoren, verrukken, bezweren, aantrekkelijkheid, tovermiddel, toverformule.

French words for Charm

charmer, breloque, enchanter, enchantement, ensorceler, amulette.

German words for Charm

Reiz, Charme, Ausstrahlung, Anmut, Zauber, Zauberspruch, verzaubern, bezaubern, Liebreiz, Faszination, Zauberformel, Magie, reizend sein, bestricken, Scharm, Glücksbringer, Talisman, Amulett, Lieblichkeit.

Italian words for Charm

fascino, suggestione, incanto, ciondolo, splendore.

Javanese word for Charm


Marathi word for Charm


Norwegian word for Charm


Polish words for Charm

urok, czar.

Portuguese word for Charm


Romanian word for Charm


Russian words for Charm

очарование, талисман, амулет, заклинание, прелесть.

Spanish words for Charm

atractivo, ganarse, encantar, encanto, hechizo, seducir, cautivar, fascinar, carisma, belleza, encantamiento, enamorar, encandilar, engatusar, hechizar, talismán, amuleto.

Swedish word for Charm


Tamil word for Charm


Ukrainian word for Charm


Vietnamese word for Charm

sức quyến rũ.