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How To Spell chemical?

Correct spelling: chemical

List of misspellings for chemical:

  • chemicaly,
  • chemilcal,
  • chemicly,
  • cheimical,
  • chenical,
  • chemiacl,
  • checl,
  • remocal,
  • checmical,
  • ccusingly,
  • chamicals,
  • sherical,
  • chemic,
  • chemiscal,
  • dhemical,
  • chemcially,
  • chemial,
  • chemicle,
  • chamydial,
  • rhymical,
  • checmicals,
  • chemics,
  • sheetmetal,
  • shecual,
  • chemmical,
  • cemical,
  • commercal,
  • bohemical,
  • chemacle,
  • chemicall,
  • chemick,
  • numeical,
  • limictal,
  • chemincal,
  • commical,
  • cheamicals,
  • termical,
  • cheical,
  • newrochemical,
  • quimical,
  • qumical,
  • shedgual,
  • chemicla,
  • charocoal,
  • chemichel,
  • comocal,
  • cehmical,
  • alchemicaly,
  • tchinacl,
  • chemiclly,
  • cheimcal,
  • bichemical,
  • chemecals,
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  • chemicales,
  • chemicel,
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  • charcal,
  • chemicl,
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  • chemicalls,
  • homical,
  • chamercial,
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  • chimicals,
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  • pharmicutal,
  • chemilcals,
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  • comercail,
  • chimacl.

Related words for chemical

Chemical Institute of Sarriá


University in Barcelona, Spain

Chemical Institute of Sarriá is an educational institution that manages two schools of the Ramon Llull University, IQS School of Engineering and IQS School of Management. Both schools offer masters and doctorate programs.

Indian Institute of Chemical Technology


Research institute in Secunderabad, India

The Indian Institute of Chemical Technology is a national-level research center located in Hyderabad, Telangana, India under the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

KCC Corporation



KCC Corporation is a Korean chemical and auto parts manufacturer, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.



Town in Germany

Leuna is a town in the Saalekreis, Saxony-Anhalt, eastern Germany, south of Merseburg and Halle. The town is known for the Leunawerke, at 13 km² one of the biggest chemical industrial complexes in Germany, where a very wide range of chemicals and plastics is produced.

Namhae Chemical Corporation



Namhae Chemical Corporation is a large South Korean company which produces fertilizers and chemicals. The company, established in 1974, is headquartered in Yeosu, Jeollanam-do, and operates a branch office in Jung-gu, Seoul.

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Rhymes for chemical:

  1. polemical;
  2. photochemical, biochemical, agrochemical;

Translations for chemical:

Afrikaans word for Chemical


Arabic word for Chemical

مادَة كِيميائِيَّة.

Bengali word for Chemical


Chinese word for Chemical


Dutch words for Chemical

stof, scheikundig, chemische stof, scheikundige stof, chemisch product.

French words for Chemical

chimique, produit chimique, chimiques.

German words for Chemical

Chemikalie, chemisch.

Greek word for Chemical

χημική ουσία.

Italian word for Chemical

sostanza chimica.

Japanese word for Chemical


Korean word for Chemical

화학 제품.

Malay word for Chemical


Marathi word for Chemical


Norwegian word for Chemical


Polish word for Chemical


Portuguese word for Chemical

substância química.

Romanian word for Chemical

substanță chimică.

Russian word for Chemical

химическое вещество.

Spanish words for Chemical

químico, sustancia química.

Swedish word for Chemical


Tamil word for Chemical


Turkish word for Chemical


Ukrainian word for Chemical


Vietnamese word for Chemical

hóa chất.