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How To Spell chest?

Correct spelling: chest

What is the definition of chest?

  1. box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy

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What are the usage examples for chest?

  1. Their clothes had been left in a chest and when no one was looking, I possessed myself of the articles and carried them to their cabin.
  2. Her chest was expanded.

What are the translations for chest?

Arabic word for Chest


Chinese words for Chest

胸, 胸部, 胸口, 胸前, 胸膛, 胸脯, 箱箧.

French words for Chest

malle, coffre, poitrine, caisse, de poitrine, respiratoire, commode, torse, poitrail, dodo, thoracique, pulmonaire, pectoral, ventral.

German words for Chest

Kiste, Koffer, Kasten, sein, Brust, Brustkorb, Büste, Truhe, Lade, Busen, Thorax.

Italian word for Chest


Japanese words for Chest

胸, 胸部, チェスト, しゅうのうばこ, 胸先, 大箱, きょうかく, むなさき, 胸郭, 櫃, むないた, 収納箱, ひつ, きょうぶ, 胸間, 胸板, おおばこ.

Norwegian word for Chest


Polish words for Chest

piersiowy, klatka piersiowa.

Portuguese words for Chest

peito, baú, dada, tórax, peitoral.

Romanian words for Chest

borș, piept.

Russian words for Chest

грудная клетка, сундучок.

Spanish words for Chest

de pecho, pecho, cofre, cómoda, busto, del pecho, torácica, torácico, tórax, arca, arcón.

Tamil word for Chest


Turkish word for Chest