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Correct spelling: chest

Definition of chest:

  1. The thorax.
  2. A large box; the quantity contained in it; the trunk of the body from the neck to the belly; the thorax.
  3. To deposit in a chest; to put in a coffin. Chest of drawers, a case of movable drawers.

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Examples of usage for chest:

  1. Their clothes had been left in a chest and when no one was looking, I possessed myself of the articles and carried them to their cabin. –  by
  2. Her chest was expanded. –  by

Quotes for chest:

  1. Always point your finger at the chest of the person with whom you are being photographed. You will appear dynamic. And no photo editor can crop you from the picture.
  2. A ball had passed between my body and the right arm which supported him, cutting through the sleeve and passing through his chest from shoulder to shoulder. There was no more to be done for him and I left him to his rest. I have never mended that hole in my sleeve.
  3. I run upright mostly when I see daylight, so if you watch film you'll see I don't get hit in the chest much.
  4. It is such a cut throat industry where you get knocked down so much and get rejected so much. If you do not back yourself up, no one else is going to so you really need to learn to get up, shake the sand off your chest and keep going.
  5. A concave chest means that your diaphragm is sagging.