How To Spell Cheyne?

Correct spelling: Cheyne


Cheyne as a boy's name is pronounced chayn. It is of French origin, and the meaning of Cheyne is "oak-hearted".

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What are the usage examples for Cheyne?

  1. " Anyhow, we go on together from this time forth- 72 Cheyne Walk is my little house. – Fortitude by Hugh Walpole
  2. As the last trailing fingers of the golden clouds die before the approaching army of the stars, as the yellow above the horizon gives way to a cold and iron blue, lights come out in that house with the green door and the white stone steps- No. 72, Cheyne Walk- that is now Peter Westcott's home. – Fortitude by Hugh Walpole

What are the rhymes for Cheyne?

  1. chain, thane, hane, main, restrain, refrain, spokane, deign, explain, payne, regain, fontaine, hussein, romaine, bahrain, constrain, spain, train, ayn, delaine, demain, disdain, devane, rain, frayne, germaine, duane, kahane, swayne, duwayne, vane, sylvain, maintain, jane, drain, cane, blane, tremaine, moraine, inane, dewayne, thaine, pain, crain, mundane, ordain, wain, duan, shaine, pertain, arraign, jermaine, preordain, champaign, retain, romain, pane, rogaine, urbane, swain, kane, dain, duquesne, mayne, lain, plane, hain, dane, dwayne, kaine, laine, charlayne, raine, urbain, stain, mccain, rein, fane, domain, fain, detain, blain, lorraine, attain, frayn, lane, jayne, shayne, fraine, frane, profane, charmaine, shane, crane, blaine, slain, jain, slane, blayne, champlain, terrain, kayne, trane, vein, elayne, mane, draine, ukraine, layne, vain, ingrain, kain, plain, heyne, remain, elane, ln, cocaine, grain, iain, contain, lorain, retrain, aine, obtain, gain, reine, sain, bayne, arcane, charmain, laraine, zane, insane, cain, maclean, hussain, mclean, biscayne, maine, mcclain, germain, feign, bane, humane, twain, strain, wayne, rayne, fein, germane, bain, complain, craine, wane, elaine, sprain, freyne, reign, caine, loraine, champagne, brain, butane, sustain, campaign, paine, swaine, sane, thayne, dayne, crayne;
  2. again, abstain, alain, allain, amain, alaine, alayne, alane;
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  4. legerdemain;