How To Spell chief?

Correct spelling: chief

What is the definition of chief?

  1. Chiefly.

What does the abbreviation chief mean?

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What are the rhymes for chief?

  1. reef, reif, seif, brief, naef, lief, grief, fief, rief, sheaf, beef, leif, keeffe, neef, keefe, leaf, thief;
  2. matif, relief, belief, massif, sharif, o'keefe, debrief, saif, o'keeffe, motif;
  3. disbelief;

What are the translations for chief?

Afrikaans word for Chief


Arabic word for Chief


Bengali word for Chief


Chinese words for Chief

首席, 酋长, 首要的.

Dutch words for Chief

hoofd, belangrijkst, opperhoofd, stamhoofd, voornaamst.

French words for Chief

Baas, principal, fondamental, capital, central.

German words for Chief

Vorgesetzter, leider, Chef, erste, erster, erstes, Leiter, Chefin, Meister, oberste, Boss, Leiterin, Oberhaupt, Häuptling, oberstes, oberster, Patron, primordial, Premier, Vorgesetze, Haupt..., bedeutendste, wichtigster.

Greek word for Chief


Hindi word for Chief


Italian words for Chief

direttore, commissario.

Japanese words for Chief

チーフ, 長官, 主席, 所長, 首長, 主, 首領, しゅせき, とうしゅ, とうもく, 頭目, 頭首, 主長, しゅにんしゃ, めぼしい, 主立った, つかさ, おやがた, たいしょう, 官, きょかい, 親方, しゅよう, しょちょう, 主領, ひっとう, じょうしゅ, しゅちょう, とうりょう, 親分, あたまかぶ, だいしょう, 寮, おやぶん, 主要な.

Javanese word for Chief

wong kang mimpin.

Korean word for Chief


Malay word for Chief


Norwegian word for Chief


Portuguese words for Chief

chefe, capô, essencial, maiores.

Russian words for Chief

вождь, правитель.

Spanish words for Chief

comandante, primero, mayor, superior, supremo, jefe, esencial, patrona, jefa, sumo, superintendente, dirigente, cacique.

Swedish word for Chief


Tamil word for Chief