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How To Spell chopped?

Correct spelling: chopped

List of misspellings for chopped:

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  • hoppd,
  • chooped,
  • choppwd,
  • dchapter,
  • chomped,
  • shpould,
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Quotes for chopped:

  1. Everything we did, we did live- and then Bobby took it home and chopped it up and edited it. Which is pretty much what they did with every jazz record you've ever heard.
  2. Back a hundred years ago, especially around Woodrow Wilson, what happened in this country is we took freedom and we chopped it into pieces.
  3. First, you do a piece of material that begins and ends and has a flow; it's not chopped up as in a film, where in an extreme case you might be doing the last scene of the script the first day that you go to work, and you don't know enough about the character you're playing.
  4. I never feel more alive than when I'm on stage. On film you feel chopped up, you can be acting from the neck up, or the hand, there is a lot of close up.

Translations for chopped:

Afrikaans word for Chopped


Arabic word for Chopped


Bengali word for Chopped


French words for Chopped

émincé, ciselée.

German words for Chopped

gespalten, gespaltet, zerkleinert, gehackt, abgehackt, gehäckselt, zerhackt, abgehauen, zerschnipselt.

Greek word for Chopped


Hindi word for Chopped


Italian word for Chopped


Japanese word for Chopped


Korean word for Chopped


Malay word for Chopped


Marathi word for Chopped


Norwegian word for Chopped


Polish word for Chopped


Romanian word for Chopped


Spanish words for Chopped

cortado, picado, picada, desmenuzado, talado, troceado, tajado.

Swedish word for Chopped


Tamil word for Chopped


Turkish word for Chopped


Ukrainian word for Chopped


Vietnamese word for Chopped

xắt nhỏ.