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Correct spelling: Chris


Chris \ch-ris\

bearing Christ
Chris as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Chris), is pronounced kris. It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Chris is "bearing Christ". Short form of Christopher and Christian. Cris is a Spanish form. Actors Chris Cooper, Chris O'Donnell, Chris Sarandon; comedians Chris Tucker, Chris Rock; basketball player Chris Webber.
Related names:
Kriss, Cruz, Curcio.
Kris, Chriss, Cris.

Chris \ch-ris\

follower of Christ
Chris as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Chris), is a variant of Christian (Latin), Christina (Latin) and Christine (French, Latin), and the meaning of Chris is "follower of Christ". See also Chriselda.
Charis, Chrisy, Cris, Khris, Caris.

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Examples of usage for Chris:

  1. " Well, you saw Chris Rankin, didn't you,- that fellow that talked about jail- birds? "The Other Fellow" , F. Hopkinson Smith.
  2. When he come to pay he hauled out a wallet and chucked it over to Chris and told him to take it out. "The Other Fellow" , F. Hopkinson Smith.
  3. The only other man besides him and Chris in the bar- room was Dick. "The Other Fellow" , F. Hopkinson Smith.

Quotes for Chris:

  1. Chris is the engineer down at the studio where we do these things. And he's just such an integral part and he has such a marvelous ear. Also it turns out, we didn't know, but he's a pretty good fiddle player. - Guy Clark
  2. I've been happily married to Chris for almost 20 years. - Jamie Lee Curtis
  3. When a film like Chris Nolan's Memento cannot get picked up, to me independent film is over. It's dead. - Steven Soderbergh
  4. Chris Cooper is one of my favorite actors in the world. I've seen him in most everything he's done. - Meryl Streep
  5. And I think that when I play these villains, maybe what is different is that the audience sees me play these and they know that that's Chris and he's having fun and he knows that and he knows that and you know that and everybody knows that. - Christopher Walken

Rhymes for Chris:

  1. abyss, amiss, assists, consists, dismiss, enlists, exists.
  2. bis, biss, bliss, chriss, cris, cysts, dis, diss, fis, fiss, flis, gillis, gris, hiss, insists, kis, kiss, kris, kriss, lis, liss, lists, miss, persists, pris, remiss, resists, riss, risse, rys, sis, stys, suisse, swiss, this, vis, wis, wiss.
  3. reminisce.
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