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Correct spelling: Chriss

Chriss \ch-ri-ss\

bearing Christ
Chriss as a boy's name is a variant of Chris (Greek), and the meaning of Chriss is "bearing Christ".
Kriss, Cris.

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Examples of usage for Chriss:

  1. The museum began as a labour of love, for Michael had cast his eyes upon the fair elderly motherly widow, Chriss landlady, and, since the commencement of his collection, he had laboured on, in the belief that, as it increased in importance, so would the woman soften toward him; and that some day all his four- roomed dwelling would become museum and business place, while he would go and reside at the widow's house- widow no longer, but Mrs Wimble- his own. – King of the Castle by George Manville Fenn

Rhymes for Chriss:

  1. bliss, dis, gris, hiss, kiss, miss, remiss, sis, suisse, swiss, bis, kris, liss, risse, rys, this, vis, wis, diss, pris, chris, gillis, kriss, cris, lis, cysts, persists, resists, lists, fis, wiss, kis, biss, flis, fiss, riss, stys, insists;
  2. abyss, amiss, dismiss, assists, exists, enlists, consists;
  3. reminisce;