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Correct spelling: churchman

Definition of churchman:

  1. An ecclesiastic; a member of the Church of England; an episcopalian.

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Examples of usage for churchman:

  1. Sam straightened up to his full height and in measured words said: " Ye know, no doubt, Anna, that Misther Gwynn is a Churchman an' I'm a Presbyterian. – My Lady of the Chimney Corner by Alexander Irvine
  2. And in view of these expressive facts, it is hardly necessary to argue in behalf of the tradition that more than a conventional friendship bound the two young men together,- printer's son and painter's son, musician- scholar and scholar- painter, Churchman and Churchman the one twenty- four, the other twenty- two. – Holbein by Beatrice Fortescue
  3. It also abounds with illustrations of our old English authors, and it is likely to prove welcome not only to the Churchman but to the student of folk- lore and of poetical literature." – England in the Days of Old by William Andrews

Quotes for churchman:

  1. As for the British churchman, he goes to church as he goes to the bathroom, with the minimum of fuss and no explanation if he can help it.

Rhymes for churchman:

  1. churchmen;