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How To Spell churn?

Correct spelling: churn

Definition of churn:

  1. be agitated; of liquids

List of misspellings for churn:

  • chian,
  • choure,
  • cjurn,
  • wchin,
  • checn,
  • charner,
  • chosn,
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Rhymes for churn:

  1. stern, fern, erne, sterne, herne, kearn, berne, byrne, dern, earn, urn, hearn, burne, hurn, kern, durn, spurn, stearn, verne, learn, cern, bern, yearn, vern, hearne, burn, hern, turn, stearne;
  2. return, discern, sauterne, laverne, adjourn, concern, aherne, upturn, ahearn, ahern;
  3. unconcern;

Translations for churn:

Afrikaans word for Churn


Bengali word for Churn

মন্থন করা.

Chinese word for Churn

> 搅乳器.

Dutch words for Churn

opwekken, roeren, karnen, zieden, kolken, schuimen, omschudden, boterkarnen, omwoelen.

French words for Churn

attrition, bâtir, barattage, baratte.

German words for Churn

Butterfass, verbuttern, sich heftig bewegen, wirbeln, strudeln, Revolver, Karn, große Milchkanne, kreiseln, umwühlen, sich heftig drehen, buttern.

Greek word for Churn


Hindi word for Churn


Italian word for Churn


Japanese word for Churn


Javanese word for Churn


Korean word for Churn

버터를 만드는 통.

Portuguese word for Churn


Romanian word for Churn


Russian words for Churn

маслобойка, мешалка, маслобойки.

Spanish words for Churn

agitar, batidora, mantequera, agitarse, revolverse.

Tamil word for Churn


Turkish word for Churn


Ukrainian word for Churn


Vietnamese word for Churn

thùng gô.