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Spell Check of Cilia

Correct spelling: Cilia


Definition of Cilia:

  1. Plural of cilium.
  2. The eyelashes; long hairs on the margin of a plant, leaf, & c.; minute filaments on the surfaces of animal membranes, endowed with quick vibratile motion.

Common misspellings for Cilia:

cila, cillia, cilla.

Cilia \ci-lia\

Cilia as a girl's name. Scientific term: tiny hairs that project from some cells. Can also be considered a variant of Celia, or a short form of Cecilia.
Cilla, Ceilia, Cili.
Silia, Sillia.

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Examples of usage for Cilia:

  1. Udalricus, Earl of Cilia, upbraided John Huniades with the baseness of his birth; but he replied, In te Ciliensis comitatus turpiter exstinguitur, in me gloriose Bistricensis exoritur; thine earldom is consumed with riot; mine begins with honour and renown. "A History of English Literature Elizabethan Literature" , George Saintsbury.
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