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Correct spelling: city


Definition of city:

  1. Pertaining to a city.
  2. A large important corporate town; one which is or has been the seat of a bishop; a town; the collective body of citizens.

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Examples of usage for city:

  1. " O, I like it much better than the city," was the reply.
  2. When shall I go to the city, papa?
  3. Is the city taken?" "Ahead of the Army" , W. O. Stoddard.

Quotes for city:

  1. It is true that the king has made a truce with the duke of Burgundy for fifteen days and that the duke is to turn over the city of Paris at the end of fifteen days. Yet you should not marvel if I do not enter that city so quickly. - Joan of Arc
  2. Tribal life comes automatically to an end when a primitive people begins to live in a town or a city, for sooner or later a tribal organization is found to be incompatible with life in a city. - Arthur Keith
  3. Years ago I wanted to buy an apartment in New York City. I was a single female- I had gone through my divorce- I had three children, I was in show business and black. It was, like, impossible. - Diana Ross
  4. I stayed in New York City for the first time, I'd always wanted to do that. - Amy Sedaris
  5. Order is the sanity of the mind, the health of the body, the peace of the city, the security of the state. Like beams in a house or bones to a body, so is order to all things. - Robert Southey

Rhymes for city:

  1. bitty, chitty, citi, clytie, ditty, gritty, hitty, kitty, miltie, nitty, pity, pretty, smitty, witty.
  2. committee.
  3. itty-bitty, subcommittee.

Idioms for city:

  1. cardboard city
  2. city slicker
  3. ( You) can't fight city hall.
  4. can't fight city hall
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