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How To Spell civilization?

Correct spelling: civilization

Definition of civilization:

  1. The act of civilizing, or the state of being civilized.

List of misspellings for civilization:

  • civalizations,
  • civizlizations,
  • civliazation,
  • solization,
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Algeria, History and Civilization


Animated series

Algeria History and Civilization is a historical animated series from Algeria that tells the history of Algeria in 52 episodes, with an average of 26 minutes per episode, which aims to educate Algerian youth on selected history of their country until the restoration of independence from French colonial on 5 July 1962.

Civilization III: Play the World


Video game

Civilization III: Play the World, released in October 2002, is the first expansion pack for the award-winning game Civilization III.

Museum of Urban Civilization


Museum in Brașov, Romania

The Museum of Urban Civilization is a museum in Brașov, Romania. The museum is located on the south side of the Piața Sfatului, the main historic square of the city.

The Civilization of Maxwell Bright


2005 film

The Civilization of Maxwell Bright is a 2005 romance film starring Patrick Warburton, Marie Matiko, Eric Roberts, Leland Crooke and Jennifer Tilly that has seen success on the arthouse movie circuit.

The Price of Civilization


Book by Jeffrey Sachs

The Price of Civilization: Reawakening American Virtue and Prosperity is a book by economist Jeffrey Sachs. It was published by Random House on October 4, 2011 in the United States and by Bodley Head in the United Kingdom on October 6 of the same year.

Google Ngram Viewer results for civilization:

This graph shows how "civilization" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Quotes for civilization:

  1. A knowledge of the forces that rule society, of the causes that have produced its upheavals, and of society's resources for promoting healthy progress has become of vital concern to our civilization.
  2. The greatest task before civilization at present is to make machines what they ought to be, the slaves, instead of the masters of men.
  3. The perfect normal person is rare in our civilization.
  4. Individual commitment to a group effort- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
  5. Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking of them.

Rhymes for civilization:

  1. generalization, constipation, fluctuation, appellation, medication, destination, litigation, hibernation, deliberation, westernization, ordination, provocation, oscillation, explication, desecration, orchestration, adulation, reconsideration, preservation, falsification, remediation, categorization, pacification, publication, demonstration, intoxication, advocation, reaffirmation, disintegration, liquidation, importation, corporation, consummation, application, reorganization, admiration, unionization, degradation, affectation, incapacitation, discontinuation, extrapolation, designation, machination, exoneration, violation, resuscitation, validation, irradiation, creation, separation, compilation, proration, verification, incantation, hyperinflation, deforestation, commendation, unification, duplication, perpetuation, configuration, elation, consolation, initiation, modulation, probation, renomination, urbanization, cogitation, radiation, expectation, misinformation, redecoration, fragmentation, filtration, population, relation, anticipation, exhilaration, precipitation, annotation, arbitration, miscreation, fabrication, nondiscrimination, imagination, argumentation, regimentation, elevation, syndication, detoxification, recalculation, alienation, perforation, gradation, oxidation, justification, avocation, inspiration, diversification, indemnification, delineation, reparation, cooperation, maturation, ministration, ejaculation, conflagration, backwardation, subsidization, annexation, damnation, levitation, instrumentation, occupation, collectivization, incrustation, excommunication, emancipation, aspiration, ostentation, demodulation, compensation, sanctification, intensification, assassination, meditation, integration, incrimination, toleration, accumulation, perturbation, fortification, graduation, augmentation, revocation, respiration, incarceration, detonation, exhumation, divination, fluoridation, sterilization, nomination, purification, hallucination, exfoliation, excitation, recertification, exacerbation, laceration, translation, manipulation, indignation, negotiation, contemplation, gestation, desalination, derivation, sequestration, democratization, approximation, immigration, dalmatian, flirtation, gastrulation, sensation, degeneration, reinvigoration, jubilation, equalization, coronation, exhalation, delegation, presentation, inhalation, temptation, fermentation, allegation, excavation, consternation, revitalization, corp, confederation, suburbanization, electrification, implantation, vaporization, transportation, equivocation, victimization, explanation, usurpation, innovation, elimination, destabilization, plantation, disorientation, adjudication, disinformation, emigration, characterization, desegregation, sedimentation, alleviation, denunciation, pasteurization, incoordination, donation, ovulation, corroboration, dissipation, interrogation, ramification, authorization, invocation, insulation, location, recuperation, depopulation, depredation, exploration, echolocation, horatian, termination, inundation, information, notification, insubordination, transformation, inoculation, foundation, ligation, discoloration, prostration, resignation, isolation, affirmation, taxation, reexamination, mutation, regulation, securitization, visualization, criminalization, denomination, pronunciation, mummification, disputation, decertification, invalidation, palpitation, mitigation, consultation, sophistication, punctuation, gentrification, annihilation, infestation, pontification, transillumination, participation, calculation, saturation, commemoration, dislocation, irritation, humiliation, reinterpretation, mechanization, qualification, sanitation, convocation, eradication, libration, miniaturization, classification, reauthorization, duration, protestation, altercation, colonization, manifestation, quantification, molestation, standardization, neutralization, affiliation, solicitation, legalization, amalgamation, consideration, migration, nitration, intimation, hospitalization, computation, recantation, liberalization, reconfiguration, cremation, affrication, magnetization, croatian, incorporation, evaluation, desolation, profanation, stalinization, elongation, ventilation, repudiation, exclamation, operation, pressurization, fixation, oration, exploitation, strangulation, reevaluation, disqualification, ratification, emanation, sedation, conversation, speculation, inclination, impregnation, emulation, indication, imitation, rectification, dehydration, bifurcation, reunification, appalachian, rehabilitation, germination, concatenation, clarification, ornamentation, investigation, devaluation, moderation, invitation, exhortation, subordination, narration, figuration, desperation, elaboration, desalinization, infiltration, expropriation, foliation, conjugation, naturalization, mutilation, amortization, renunciation, indentation, reconciliation, rumination, imputation, propagation, revelation, simplification, visitation, habitation, determination, congregation, connotation, misappropriation, preparation, escalation, experimentation, facilitation, amelioration, navigation, culmination, disembarkation, maximization, dictation, situation, declaration, evaporation, reconfirmation, segregation, incubation, refutation, estimation, undervaluation, flotation, permutation, allocation, telecommunication, menstruation, inflammation, realization, stagflation, motivation, vocation, domination, dilation, irrigation, rehydration, condemnation, preoccupation, harmonization, mediation, reputation, exaggeration, starvation, certification, vacillation, optimization, transplantation, exasperation, implementation, contamination, coloration, confiscation, demarcation, indexation, variation, capitulation, denationalization, procrastination, liberation, vilification, deregulation, deportation, mobilization, premeditation, negation, reverberation, reiteration, continuation, localization, dissociation, reclamation, formation, lactation, retardation, obligation, ossification, rationalization, gyration, rotation, reclassification, examination, defamation, deification, implication, consolidation, evocation, refrigeration, stabilization, revaluation, misrepresentation, ionization, edification, overvaluation, misapplication, miscalculation, condensation, proclamation, intimidation, optation, automation, conglomeration, origination, reaffiliation, intonation, recommendation, vibration, confrontation, amputation, recrimination, confirmation, stimulation, valuation, quotation, alteration, pagination, differentiation, obfuscation, renovation, deviation, privatization, demonization, reallocation, depravation, masturbation, stagnation, reservation, decentralization, monopolization, equitation, embarkation, agitation, perspiration, congratulation, disinflation, simulation, instigation, salvation, animation, inhabitation, recitation, dilatation, decapitation, limitation, repatriation, impersonation, rededication, reflation, misidentification, legislation, communization, depreciation, granulation, federation, miscommunication, pollination, computerization, deceleration, concentration, consecration, dispensation, vaccination, fumigation, stipulation, discrimination, illustration, subluxation, gravitation, association, marginalization, appreciation, interpretation, reformation, personification, rejuvenation, cohabitation, inflation, retaliation, replication, aviation, prefabrication, segmentation, recreation, nationalization, procreation, politicization, commercialization, frustration, insemination, conciliation, normalization, approbation, enumeration, hybridization, generation, fibrillation, deflation, crustacean, titillation, fertilization, articulation, insinuation, christianization, education, specialization, organisation, indoctrination, restoration, modification, installation, specification, gasification, reforestation, substantiation, notation, documentation, saponification, conservation, constellation, centralization, malformation, socialization, russification, prognostication, deformation, modernization, devastation, mineralization, inactivation, dissemination, combination, predestination, reincarnation, miseration, incarnation, dramatization, nucleation, correlation, remuneration, disinclination, sarmatian, misinterpretation, complication, coordination, agglomeration, hesitation, authentication, utilization, dissertation, appropriation, dehumanization, demobilization, dedication, deprivation, infatuation, confabulation, nullification, evacuation, inauguration, relaxation, proliferation, calibration, decontamination, coagulation, relocation, summation, communication, industrialization, demoralization, illumination, glaciation, balkanization, expiration, pigmentation, collaboration, multiplication, orientation, hydrogenation, identification, cancellation, overpopulation, representation, improvisation, registration, regeneration, formulation, globalization, renegotiation, assimilation, vindication, tabulation, aggravation, amplification, organization, ovation, privatisation, cultivation, vacation, extermination, vegetation, nonproliferation, adoration, self-congratulation, desiccation, gratification, immunization, trepidation, personalization, disorganization, domestication, polarization, decoration, expatriation, vulgarization, privation, codification, popularization, fascination, celebration, observation, adaptation, distillation, magnification, suffocation, tribulation, triangulation, lubrication, hydration, glorification;
  2. nation, station, haitian, ration;
  3. castration, carnation, causation, alsatian, cetacean, cessation, citation;
  4. abdication, accusation, activation, abrogation, aberration, acclimation;
  5. accreditation, abbreviation, acceleration, accommodation, abomination;
  6. alphabetization, cannibalization, acidification, capitalization;
  7. decriminalization, antidiscrimination, americanization, demilitarization;
  8. internationalization, institutionalization;

Translations for civilization:

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Dutch words for Civilization

beschaving, civilisatie.

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