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Spell Check of Clare

Correct spelling: Clare


Definition of Clare:

  1. A nun of the order of St. Clare.

Clare \c-la-re\

Clare as a boy's name (also used as girl's name Clare). Sometimes used as a diminutive of Clarence. In Thomas Hardy's tragic novel "Tess of the D'Urbervilles", Tess falls in love with, and is abandoned by, a man named Angel Clare.
Cleary, Claro, Clarrie.
Clair, Claire, Clayre, Clarey.

Clare \c-la-re\

bright, famous
Clare as a girl's name (also used as boy's name Clare), is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Clare is "bright, famous". The regular English form of Clara since the Middle Ages.
Related names:
Clarissa, Chiara, Clarette, Claribel, Claire.
Clary, Clari, Clarey, Clayre, Clarie.

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Examples of usage for Clare:

  1. There was a general court summoned for the hundred of Risbridge, to hear the plaint and trial of the Earl of Clare, at Witham.
  2. Maryon, a Fellow of Clare Hall, recommended Pepys to apply to the King for the appointment, being assured that the royal mandate if obtained would secure his election.
  3. The abbot answered, Of a truth it seems a mean thing that such a man as the Earl of Clare, should receive such a petty gift for such a service.

Quotes for Clare:

  1. When my daughter, Clare, was 4, she told me that a school friend had told her what I did for a living. Clare asked me, 'Is it true you play Jack Rabbit?' - Peter Bergman

Rhymes for Clare:

  1. abair, adair, adaire, affair, alair, allaire, astaire, aware, belair, beware, comair, compare, declare, despair, dispair, ensnare, forswear, impair, mcnair, midair, moliere, montclair, o'hare, pierre, prepare, repair, sinclair, swissair, unfair, voltaire.
  2. aer, billionaire, debonair, disrepair, doctrinaire, icelandair, javier, millionaire, questionnaire, solitaire, unaware, usair.
  3. air, baer, bahr, bair, bare, bear, blair, blare, care, chair, cher, clair, claire, dare, darr, derr, err, eyre, fair, faire, fare, fer, ferre, flair, flare, gair, gare, gehr, glare, guerre, hair, hare, hehr, heir, herr, kehr, khmer, lair, lare, lehr, mair, maire, mare, mer, nair, ne'er, pair, pare, pear, prayer, rare, sare, sayre, scare, serr, share, skare, snare, spare, square, stair, stare, swear, tear, terre, their, there, they're, ware, wear, werre, where.
  4. concessionaire.
  5. multimillionaire.
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