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How To Spell clearly?

Correct spelling: clearly

Definition of clearly:

  1. In a clear manner.

List of misspellings for clearly:

  • shcolarly,
  • culerfole,
  • clearler,
  • schollarly,
  • scholerly,
  • aculally,
  • egularly,
  • legallyl,
  • clearde,
  • clolr,
  • glorly,
  • closly,
  • lclear,
  • clearley,
  • cllearly,
  • claifly,
  • lcoally,
  • clearfiy,
  • closerly,
  • clarfiy,
  • calelr,
  • cvlear,
  • larglely,
  • coarsly,
  • clealy,
  • cleaar,
  • clearr,
  • salarly,
  • clearty,
  • clearl,
  • flearly,
  • learly,
  • cleverley,
  • cloesly,
  • clarfy,
  • jelelry,
  • clarely,
  • culurally,
  • cleerly,
  • clerly,
  • clearfy,
  • jewlerly,
  • cleshay,
  • clrear,
  • cleart,
  • clartiy,
  • vlearly,
  • clarly,
  • cloely,
  • reglarly,
  • largly,
  • clrealy,
  • clrearly,
  • claery,
  • clevely,
  • cavarly,
  • cultarl,
  • clealrly,
  • elerly,
  • leaguly,
  • blarly,
  • clearlty,
  • clearily,
  • clearfully,
  • cleaarly,
  • cearly,
  • leagully,
  • nearlyl,
  • leagley,
  • leagily,
  • sholarly,
  • clery,
  • cklear,
  • grearly,
  • leagl,
  • leaglly,
  • rgularly,
  • clearely,
  • clearlier,
  • ilarly,
  • cleara,
  • closeely,
  • geartly,
  • claler,
  • leagaly,
  • cultually,
  • clamly,
  • leagely,
  • clearlly,
  • clearyl,
  • jelewlry,
  • claerly,
  • leglly,
  • cclear,
  • clearlt,
  • clearnly,
  • cleraly,
  • culturly,
  • crearly,
  • clercail.

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Rhymes for clearly:

  1. nearly, dearly, myrlie, yearly, merely;
  2. severely, sincerely, austerely;
  3. cavalierly;

Translations for clearly:

Afrikaans word for Clearly


Arabic word for Clearly


Bengali word for Clearly


Chinese words for Clearly

明确, 分明, 较然, 显而易见, 判然, 眼见得, 明显地.

French words for Clearly

apparemment, clairement, nettement, avec clarté, visiblement, certainement, incontestablement, tranquillement, manifestement, explicitement, distinctement, lumineusement, lisiblement, formellement, lucidement, précisément.

German words for Clearly

frei, eindeutig, einleuchtend, rein, genau, deutlich, heiter, klar, vernehmlich, offensichtlich, scharf, offenkundig, evident, unzweideutig, hell, wolkenlos, durchsichtig, offenbar, sicherlich, durchschaubar, anschaulich, zweifellos, zweifelsohne, unbehindert, prononciert, klärt.

Greek word for Clearly


Hindi word for Clearly

स्पष्ट रूप से.

Italian word for Clearly


Japanese words for Clearly

はっきり, 明, くっきり, 間違いなく, 明明と, まざまざ, きっぱりと, 清, 冱え冱え, きっぱり, あかあかと, 冴え冴え, 赤赤と, 赤々と, 明々と, さわさわ, さえざえ, 爽々, 爽爽.

Korean word for Clearly


Malay word for Clearly


Polish word for Clearly


Portuguese words for Clearly

simplesmente, abertamente, transparentemente, visivelmente, manifestamente, limpamente, limpidamente, expressamente, distintamente, definidamente, notoriamente, notadamente, a olhos vistos.

Romanian word for Clearly


Spanish words for Clearly

exactamente, francamente, indudablemente, claramente, con claridad, evidentemente, expresamente, explícitamente, aparentemente, obviamente, libremente, precisamente, nítidamente, manifiestamente, sin lugar a dudas, luminosamente, inequívocamente, lúcidamente, en puridad.

Ukrainian word for Clearly


Vietnamese word for Clearly

một cách rõ ràng.