How To Spell clever?

Correct spelling: clever

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What does the abbreviation clever mean?

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What are the rhymes for clever?

  1. trevor, wherever, whoever, lever, whichever, sever, whomever;
  2. haver, kever, bever, ever, never;
  3. endeavor, whenever, whatever, however, endeavour, forever;
  4. whosoever, whomsoever, whatsoever;

What are the translations for clever?

Afrikaans word for Clever


Arabic word for Clever


Bengali word for Clever


Chinese words for Clever

聪明的, 精妙的, 伶俐, 机灵, 聪敏, 玲珑, 灵敏.

Dutch words for Clever

slim, bijdehand, knap, pienter, handig, geestig, gevat, ingenieus, sluw, inventief, snugger, vernuftig, uitgekiend.

French words for Clever

habile, astucieux, ingénieux, malin, habiles, adroit, futé.

German words for Clever

verständig, geschickt, klug, anstellig, raffiniert, clever, intelligent, smart, schlau, gerissen, Patent, gescheit, pfiffig, gewitzt, Säge, findig, trickreich, durchdacht, sinnreich, ausgefuchst.

Hindi word for Clever


Italian words for Clever

esperto, intelligente.

Japanese words for Clever

気の利いた, 巧妙, 小賢しい, こうみょう, はしっこい, 敏捷い, 如在無い, 達者, はつめい, 味な, 発明, こざかしい, じょさいない, あざとい.

Javanese word for Clever


Korean word for Clever


Malay word for Clever


Polish word for Clever


Portuguese words for Clever

sábio, brilhante, esperta, sagaz, acertada, sabedor, engenhoso, astutos, espertos, astuciosa, sábia, hábeis, astuta.

Romanian word for Clever


Russian words for Clever

разумный, талантливый, смышлённый.

Spanish words for Clever

acertado, inteligente, inteligentes, astuto, ingenioso, listo, brillante, hábil, diestro, habilidoso, sabido.

Swedish word for Clever


Tamil word for Clever


Turkish word for Clever


Ukrainian word for Clever