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Correct spelling: clicks


Common misspellings for clicks:

clciks, clickks, klicks, cliqs, clickes, cliks, clics, cicks, clcks.

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This graph shows how "clicks" have occurred between 1800 and 2008 in a corpus of English books.

Examples of usage for clicks:

  1. But they had no organization, not even a tribal one, for they wandered about in small groups; and no religion beyond some vague notion of ghosts, and of spirits inhabiting or connected with natural objects; while their language was a succession of clicks interrupted by grunts. "Impressions of South Africa" , James Bryce.
  2. Something in the cab's electronic brain gave a rapid series of clicks as it shifted from the general Paratime Building beam to the beam of the Paratime Police landing stage, then it said, " Thank you." "Time Crime" , H. Beam Piper.
  3. A series of metallic clicks was all the harm he did, for Stingaree was in the saddle before the hurled revolver struck the mare on the ribs, and sent the pair flying through the moonlight with a shout of laughter, a cloud of sand, and a dull volley of thunderous hoofs. "Stingaree" , E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung.

Quotes for clicks:

  1. When you finish a poem, it clicks shut like the top of a jewel box, but prose is endless. I haven't experienced an awful lot of clicking shut! - Kenneth Koch
  2. Then if your movie clicks with real audiences, you'll be sucked into some sort of Hollywood orbit. It's a devil of a place where the only religion that really counts is box office. - Yahoo Serious
  3. When that shutter clicks, anything else that can be done afterward is not worth consideration. - Edward Steichen
  4. The second thing for me, probably a few clicks down, is the idea that The Sims smoothly age and have different concerns and motivations and needs at different age ranges. - Will Wright

Rhymes for clicks:

  1. admix, affix, conflicts, inflicts, predicts, prolix.
  2. bix, bricks, brix, chicks, cliques, dicks, fix, flicks, hix, kicks, knicks, licks, mix, nicks, nix, nyx, picks, pix, pricks, ricks, rix, six, slicks, sticks, styx, ticks, tics, transfix, tricks, vicks, wicks, wix.
  3. intermix.

Idioms for clicks:

  1. bricks and clicks
  2. clicks and bricks, at bricks and clicks
  3. clicks and bricks, at clicks and mortar
  4. bricks and clicks, at clicks and mortar
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