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How To Spell cloy?

Correct spelling: cloy

List of misspellings for cloy:

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Cloy as a boy's name. May be derived from "nail" (Old French) as an occupational name having to do with the nails in horse shoes.

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Quotes for cloy:

  1. Books, like friends, should be few and well chosen. Like friends, too, we should return to them again and again for, like true friends, they will never fail us- never cease to instruct- never cloy.

Rhymes for cloy:

  1. oye, moy, roi, oi, neu, goy, coye, foy, oy, roy, doi, joy, yoy, floy, stoy, hoi, troy, joye, ploy, oie, loy, croy, woy, toy, soy, boy, coy, hoy;
  2. mccoy, bolshoi, employ, annoy, destroy, enjoy, savoy, decoy, malloy, deploy, elroy;
  3. illinois, redeploy;

Translations for cloy:

Arabic word for Cloy


Bengali word for Cloy

বিতৃষ্ণা বোধ করা.

French word for Cloy

perdre son charme.

German word for Cloy

an Reiz verlieren.

Hindi word for Cloy


Italian word for Cloy


Japanese word for Cloy


Marathi word for Cloy


Russian word for Cloy


Spanish word for Cloy


Tamil word for Cloy

திகட்டச் செய்.

Turkish word for Cloy


Ukrainian word for Cloy


Vietnamese word for Cloy

làm cho no.